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BBC World News
Seeing the NBC Peacock Comcast NBCUniversal logo next to the Sky logo is an interesting contrast.

One thing I never understood is when the joint Comcast NBCUniversal logo is used. Sometimes it’s used for regular purposes that don’t involve the media company or other times when it’s directly associated with NBCUniversal - like the Comcast Tower in LA overlooking Universal City has the Comcast NBC Universal.

Edit : I will say that since NBCUniversal has their own custom logo that’s just their custom in house (business cards, stationary, internal promotions) logotype Rock in purple text. I think if they took the corporate Comcast style would look better they keep the typeface but put the peacock above NBCUniversal for the main logo and in front of the text for the secondary logo.

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Map shown just after the 12pm TOTH. Not exactly sure what this supposed to show?

After some research, maybe the area coloured in red matches the outline of the Sheffield district within South Yorkshire.
(Google map for a "Sheffield District" search, with Darnall Street underlined in red in MS Paint for clarity)

I think the map could have used some more context though – at least start with a map of the UK, then "zoom in" to the local scale around Sheffield. Or show some lines to symbolize the roads since it seems to be about a car crash.
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UTV Newsline
South Yorkshire is a metropolitan county (along with Greater Manchester, West Midlands, Merseyside, West Yorkshire, and Tyne and Wear) as opposed to a non-metropolitan one like Lancashire, Norfolk or Cornwall. Wink
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