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Wouldn't have harmed then to throw in a game per round with the FTA coverage.

But if that was the case someone would have had to produce the match, remember the Champions Cup FTA is piggybacked onto the Pay coverage and not a unilateral broadcast.

It appears that Channel 4 are the host broadcast provider for the FTA matches, with BT Sport having a pres add-on - though as S+V are producing both, there's not a lot in it.
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To be fair BT are showing all ten Heineken Champions Cup fixtures over the weekend - they used to only have to show five.

(To be less fair - in the last contract Sky had exclusive rights to, which I think was 2010-14, they showed what was then all twelve fixtures from the Heineken Cup as well as at least one European Challenge Cup fixture, sometimes two - albeit with extensive use of the red button, as like the current contract has reverted to, there were usually only six time slots for Heineken Cup games).
rdd3,480 posts since 21 Jun 2001
Surprisingly, C4 are getting away with not using the official logo, titles, music, and graphics. Quite surprised at that (and I suspect Heineken are probably none too happy with their logo not being included like it is in the official titles).

Edit: the official graphics are used in game.

Virgin Media using the official titles and graphics, albeit with text in ALL CAPS.
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