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Whatever the reason, this is a big blow for Freesat, which will now just have 2 music channels left (The Vault and Keep it Country), down from 16 less than a year ago.

Heart TV and Capital TV were also the only mainstream music channels left on Freesat.
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Central (East) East Midlands Today

According to that their Sky EPG slots expire at midnight tonight and they're removing references to both channels from all their websites. Are these next in line to go?

Earlier today, EPG data expired at midnight.

As has been posted, there's now data until 6am.

The article, which previously said "EPG entries" - not slots - has been changed to read "EPG data entries", to avoid any ambiguity. Global hasn't yet commented.
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It’s a shame as these are well programmed and presented channels. In line with the radio formats, especially with the segues as I’m not sure any other TV channel is doing this.

Biggest loss will be TV coverage of Capital’s events.

Any obvious reason they’re not on Freeview? Is there no space? Surely with 4Music being an entertainment channel there’s scope for a fully musical service? (These were on Freeview in Manchester if memory serves)
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HTV Wales Wales Today
Both channels stopped at 6am.

Last video on Heart was Bruno Mars - Locked Out Of Heaven and on Capital it was Labrinth, Sia & Diplo - Thunderclouds.

The "Next" graphics came up at the end of each but were blank, then an ident which froze on the final frame for a couple of minutes, before black... and that was that....
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But with the rumour of capital going national to take on radio 1 in the future I guess they are putting the money into capital social accounts and put highlights on YouTube and global player.

They are essentially national and have been for years. Not on FM though but they never will be, Heart appears to be the first choice whenever Global enters an area
kernow1,474 posts since 18 Jan 2006
An article published today includes a statement from Global, which blames online and on-demand viewing as part of the reason for the closures, in what has been a bad year for music channels, in terms of closures (Vintage TV and now Heart and Capital) and increasing shifts towards more entertainment programming for others (4Music, VH1 and the Vault).