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Sky - Comcast takeover complete

Comcast to compulsorily acquire all shares not already held. (September 2018)

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The peacock hasn't actually made it onto Euronews' on-air branding yet.
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Nor is it even on the website, which is horribly laid out by the way.
bilky asko
And Euronews is hardly a household brand, either.
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I like the British flag draped in the distance. Because every British street looks just like that.
Again, just playing about with a Sky/Comcast logo
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I think the most they'll get is something like this, limited to corporate stuff:


I was always under the impression that Comcast adopted the peacock because NBC was a more trusted brand than Comcast. If that's the case I don't think it should be taken as any sort of proof that they'd want to dilute Sky's brand in Europe.

I like the British flag draped in the distance. Because every British street looks just like that.

Well thats because its not a British street, its Philadelphia the home of Comcast. And the flag is the Union Flag - The Kings Colours used from 1601-1801 when Pennsylvania it was still a colony. The homeowner probably has it up to indicate the age of the house.
Comcast haven't slapped the peacock on their other channels in the UK (Universal TV, E!, SyFy, Movies24, Style Network), so I can't see them wanting to do it with Sky's own channels either.
And they havent done so in the US. So wouldnt think they would in the UK. I can imagine the corporate Sky logo will either include the peacock or the phrase A COMCAST COMPANY or some such wording.
JAS84 posted:
Brazil doesn't even use the Sky logo, they have their own. Mexico does though. If it's under licence I'd imagine that can continue as it is. Until a couple of years ago, they were using Sky Brasil's logo instead of Sky UK's, so clearly there's no rule saying they have to use the UK branding.

Sky Brasil actually uses the old Sky Italia logo, only in red.
But I do believe a return to DirecTV branding may be in the cards, since Xfinity has DirecTV as one of their biggest competitors in the US (also, the other DirecTV Latin America operations do carry the DirecTV name, only with a different logo).
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meanwhile ......

..... back to Comcast Sky
Well they already put peacock on Euronews with no qualms about it. So never say never. I wouldnt think NowTv brand would be bought to the US as it has no brand value here as Xfinity does, they already offer a similar steaming service under their XfinityStreaming brand. And Roku, Chromecast, AppleTv already have the streaming device market clinched. So I highly doubt they would even try to launch a new product under a name that has zero brand value in North America. Unlike in Europe there has been some exposure to the NBC brand via popular programming and CNBC etc.

Most cable companies in North America arent known for their devices (like Sky is known SkyPlus, SkyQ). Xfinity launched their X1 service a few years back, they may incorporate some Sky tech into their existing service under their Xfinity brand.

Comcast has spent millions developing the Xfinity brand name and pushing the consumer away from using Comcast as the service provider name, so they are hardly going to introduce any other brand name such as NowTv.
The fact is a big percentage of channel brands are US brands. Despite some failures that may have occurred, they continue flourish so I dont think US companies are as stupid as you might think.

According to Forbes
Top Brands By Country:
U.S. (54 brands), Germany (12), France, Japan (7), Switzerland (4), Belgium, Korea, Netherlands, Spain, Sweden (2 each), Austria, Canada, China, Denmark, Ireland, U.K. (1)

I didn’t say American companies are stupid, and it isn’t a competition. But thanks for your list with the US at the top (yawn)

Back to TV. As for xfinity and NowTV.. NowTV is a completely different market aimed at preventing the attrition of cord cutters to Netflix and co. It has been hugely successful at keeping Sky subscribers in the Sky bubble. Comcast does not offer a comparable service that I can see (Stream is similar but not quite the same)

Will they call it NowTV, or something that resonates better with a US audience? Who knows. But they have a great deal to learn from how Sky has done NowTV

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