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Hi...anyone know where I can get hold of the background bed used in this clip? It was used when the BB NEWS had a purple background and Simon Fielder used to do the weather reports....I assume P24 used the same for their pilot for what they wanted to replace the BB....It's quite audible in this clip just fast forward to the bit after Moyles is talking...any help would be greatly appreciated even if it means I have to message whoever produced it lol!😂😂
itsrobert Founding member
Well, I happened upon a few DATs in the PCR6 control room (C4 News) at ITN a couple of years ago, one of which had an insert with Planet 24 branding and "BB Music Tks 1-4" written on it. Unfortunately, the actual tape was missing from the case and another one containing Channel 4 News music had been inserted into it, obviously by mistake. The BB DAT was nowhere to be found. I can only assume that the BB music on the DAT was the theme in question as PCR6 only opened in 1999 and I'm sure that music was used around 2000 or 2001.

Sadly I don't like your chances of finding it I'm afraid. You can understand ITN being a little careless with BB News music since the programme ended. In the years since, it's not something they would prioritise keeping hold of. I came across another BB News DAT in PCR1 (ITV News) several years ago which had sadly been recorded over. My guess at the time was that it was the 1995/96 music. Unfortunately, these things happen, much to our annoyance!

Sorry I can't be of further help.
Might be worth asking over on the Big Breakfast ultimate fan page on Facebook, they have crew members past and present with some interesting stories on screen and off screen. They might be able to help with some music.
@it'srobert...thanks! That is really helpful...even if I could find the writer I'd be happy as I could message them. I did message David Arnold and he told me it was all done by Pedigree Cuts from the 96 relaunch onwards including news background themes..hence the 4 Note being introduced and the DA DA DA DA if you know what I mean!! I might try messaging one of the people behind that as they are probably the ones which wrote the music in the first place.....It is certainly not library or produced by ITN. Thanks anyway and yes it is very annoying how careless some people can be when dealing with jingles lol!!!Smile

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