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E4, More4, Film4 and 4Music Rebrand:

Rebrand on 27th September 2018. P5 for pres details. (September 2018)

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I’m grateful that Film4 has kept its idents, as it matches the channel very well, although I think it looks a bit tiny on the promotions. 4Music looks at home on its revamped ident. I’ll have to wait until later to watch it. More4 is quite disappointing. The logo is just lodged in.


The only one in need for new idents is More4, as the current ones are too inspired by the old logo
tesandco Founding member
E4 swapped over shortly before 6am this morning, in the middle of their 'off air' slide. With continuity over the first ident acknowledging the new look:-


First Ident

More from the rebrand throughout the day here -
I thought they were gonna do something comical like have the E4 logo fall off the pin board and then a hand pops up and slaps it back on, but it's actually the new logo. The logos will take some getting used to but I can see what they've went for. The new E4 idents look great though, especially the chip pan homage to the original C4 ident. Makes it feel like the E4 of old as they launched with spoofs of C4 idents, didn't they?

BBC 2, E4, More 4, Film 4, 4 Music and 4Seven all getting new looks on the same day. What have we done to deserve this? Actually, I think we had to endure 'Blandness' for almost 2 years. It almost seems worth it.
Blake Connolly Founding member
Why does 4Music even still exist? It doesn't seem to live up to its remit as far as I can make out. Rarely any music. Just looked now and just comedy panel show repeats from the main channel.

At least half the schedule is music, two-thirds if you take out the teleshopping hours. Pretty sure the E4-type shows in the evening have been there from the start.
With the logos all looking similar, I wonder if this means we are getting colour DOGs on the channels now? I imagine the E4 logo all in white isn't as distinctive a shape and may get seen as just the Channel 4 logo. Hopefully they have used the opportunity to have all the logos in the same position on screen and tight into the corner. Each channel up to now have had theirs just slapped anywhere.
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Whataday Founding member
I didn't mind the logos, and then the E4 chips ident won me over because I'm that shallow.
Do we think these would have looked better as More 4 and Film 4 logos?

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Your ni the wrong job Very Happy
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Story of my life! Thankfully this one doesn't mind me making fake More 4 and Film 4 logos instead of what I'm supposed to be doing!
Do we think these would have looked better as More 4 and Film 4 logos?

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4 sure Wink
Blake Connolly Founding member
Looks nice but I can see why they didn't go for that 'm' in all of them, would make it perhaps a bit too prominent and would make the different logos harder to instantly tell apart, especially as bugs.

Not that the way 'Film' sits over the 4 in the real logo totally works for me, I wonder if this logo will also be used for the film production side as for international audiences not familiar with the 4 it might be a bit hard to decipher.
PATV Scunthorpe
Here’s the presentation on 4Music, the M being used to carry on the three dots look from the old logo... (the live streams of Box Plus channels have an overscan applied, if anyone was to question whether they were too close to the edge of the screen)


Main Graphics (Logo, Show Title, Song Title and the Transition)...

Second Transition...

Next/Later Programme Pointer and the Break Bumper...

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