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Central (West) Midlands Today
So that's it for the 2, after 27-and-a-half years . Wonderful tribute to the old idents - looks like they included every ident and sting used over the past four years, except for Kebab, oddly enough. Ah, well. And how lovely to see Swan played out in full beforehand.

I wonder if we will still be seeing the soon to be born new idents on BBC2 in the early months of 2046? Incredible thought which makes you realise just how long ago early 1991 was now.

The way linear media (and the media in general) is going, I have to wonder if BBC2 will even still be around in 2046. Still, you can't halt progress... Wink
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Granada North West Today
And for those not up this early (or who've failed to set their VHS machine), the first junction from 6am.


BBC Two coverage throughout the day on TV Whirl here- https://www.tvwhirl.co.uk/presentation/bbc/bbc-two/bbc-two-2018-present/
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Central (West) Midlands Today
Can’t believe it! I set my Virgin DVR to record Horizon (the last programme using the old 2 ident) and set the recording to stop 5 minutes after the programme was set to end thinking the BBC’s tribute wouldn’t last more than 2 minutes but now it cuts out! AH!

Oh well, at least it’s on this here interweb. I recorded the new ident, too, but this time with a few minutes in advance. Odd to see they used the old 2 logo to go into the testcard then the new 2 logo, though.

Bonus points for the trailers incorporating the idents themselves!