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To be fair it's mostly you repeating yourself. What a car wreck of a thread

To be fair this is a complete wreck of a thead and to be fair...it's not just me who has pointed out he not listening. I can highlight other people who have said he's wrong. The simple fact was I thought we had clean up the thread everyone was happy. The thing is he demanding we found stuff including stuff which has no proper bearing whatsoever.

I'm sure even you have said what does it matter about these things. Si-Co said it will become unmanageable, thanks to him it has because we have no idea what really missing because he to lazy.. or wanted stuff that has no real meaning in the grand scheme. He PM Me and beg that needed this stuff to be included, I did response saying... no the people on the forum has deceived, Why not ask in request.

I do know the mods have deleted a few of his posts, but he's become devious about how to get the list back onto the front page, so he not draft..

This whole thread has become convoluted, and I rather it get locked and we can start again maybe after TVARK has reappeared. It's a shame we have found some missing stuff and other people have even helped out but what can you?
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This whole thread has become convoluted

It was always. I don't think anyone else but you really knows what it is and you want to get from it

Some people on the forum did get what this thread was trying to gain.

The Fundamentals were to firstly to highlight presentation that were missing from the web OR to remind people of pres that had been used in significant way IE idents that were used day in and out... they are a few which have been highlighted. Or to talk about "Season" Sorry VMPhil of programmes branding which is so thin on the ground it wouldn't really warrant a new thread. A there nothing to see.. B most people can't remember it.

Secondly, this as been proven a few times on here and the "Correct date" would generate some discussion of these new piece of pres which have gone unnoticed.

Thirdly: Again this has happened, some people have said oh wait I can help, like the BBC HD clips..

It wasn't so certain member could make demands to find his wish list...
Is the next post dreaded?
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Sorry to dig up a thread I had pretty much no input on, but it always stuck in my mind how no footage of Granada's Christmas presentation from 1997 surfaced online besides this endcap.

But a couple of days ago, somebody uploaded a video of a Granada junction from Christmas Eve 1997. Weirdly, the ident at the end of the video was the same as the one used in 1996, and I was just about to tell the uploader that he's probably mislabelled the video... But the episode of Des O'Connor Tonight is dated 1997. The slide from the 1997 video also matches the design used on the 1996 endcap. Surely, after all this, Granada's Christmas presentation for 1997 wasn't just a repeat of 1996?

Well, yes and no. It looks like there was a Christmas ident for 1997 after all, shown towards the end of this clip just before the news! I can only assume they used them alongside the 1996 ones, and there might've even been a more jovial one given this one was introducing the news.

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