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Having looked at the programme you're using I really don't see the skill in this project. IMO I should be grateful that you have introduced me to a great, Free, piece of editing software which you've quickly had a play with. This project just incorporates stock video with transitions, music and text templates from within the programme. You haven't been original or imaginative and to some extent you're claiming credit for others work.

The fact that you decided to comment on my post in the gallery and launch a tirade against me is not appreciated at all. Yes I have used stock footage because, and like I say every time on TVForum, I am not a videographer nor am I someone who aspires to get into TV production. The software I used was easy as I didn't want to spend hours on After Effects creating similar graphics nor have I ever claimed credit for others work. The music I have used for all three versions are from Deep East Music. Thank you.

He’s trying to give you constructive criticism, yet you’re taking it as a tirade. Also the way you have called HJL’s feedback ‘laughable’ just shows that you’re ignorant and don’t care about other people’s comments.
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Ho hum, we're here again. "I would like feedback but I will only accept feedback that I like - anything else I will consider rude, offensive and unhelpful." Sometimes I wonder why we bother?

Hear hear.
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I'd say that version 2 is the best at the moment.

I'm really not keen on the footage or music you've used in version 3, it doesn't work at all for me.

I much prefer the footage you've used in version 2 and I disagree with what others have said about it looking too 'weekday focused' - with the exception of the two women walking from 00:08-00:11 which does look a little bit work-focused.

In terms of the programme logos, I've used Filmora in the past and I'm not sure whether it's just that I'm familiar with the effects you've used, or whether they actually look a bit tacky but I'd move away from using them for the programme logo and go with a more simple (some might say boring) effect like just having a logo fade in.

My advice to you going forward would be:

1. Move away from working on version 3 and re-focus on version 2.
2. Improve version 2 by cutting it down in length to between 10 and 15 seconds.
3. Use the same clips you've used in version 2 but having each clip appear on screen for a shorter time while also removing some.
4. The music for version 2 is fine (and the best you've used) but I'm sure there are much better ones out there - I'd try to find one!
5. Try and come up with a better logo animation - perhaps simplify it and have it just fade on?

Hope this helps with future versions.

Still 3/5 for me though.