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Well, the old screens with a digital altered background would have looked great, instead an oddly murky screen print...

..and looks like 'Reith' will take a very long time to reach Millbank, once (eventually) released to roam around the NCA department.
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Tyne Tees Look North (North East)
Here's a higher resolution version of that image:


EDIT: It appears that Jo Coburn's Twitter profile image is a different picture, with another image (seemingly accidentally) faintly overlaid.


EDIT 2: The difference in alignment between the logo and Elizabeth Tower between the two images suggests that it isn't a screen print as suggested earlier, but may be a display of some kind with scrolling logos?
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It seems strange that they have gone from a circular set to a square one, the opposite of what the rest of BBC News is doing.

Not really, a bit of variation never did any harm, and besides it’s not a generic BBC News programme. Colour schemes and other things can tie a brand together just as well as having a circular wall in a studio.
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