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Rich Tea482 posts since 16 Apr 2017
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When I read on here the name "Roverz" I thought it was a sarcastic wind up, not remotely giving it any credibility as genuine.

Are you not familiar with the tabloids?

They never let a sarcastic throw away line get in the way of a deadly serious news story.

Bradley Walsh having rows with the chasers and storming off every night springs to mind.

Your obvious dislike for Corrie at the moment is seriously clouding your judgement.

Oh I think anyone who takes even a brief glance at the website of the Express has likely had their fill of clickbait for months ahead. I get the point your saying and am full aware.

Criticism does not equal dislike. I'm sure I am far from alone in having stumbled into catching a few of the classic episodes and comparing them against the current output. It's inevitable really.
Stuart7,247 posts since 13 Oct 2003
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Oh surprise surprise, the Rovers stays unchanged.

Well, I'm pleased that pointless storyline is over. (or should I say overz )

However, I did laugh a lot at Henry's text message. Only he would have posh friends who could threaten him with a sledgehammer called 'Veronica'. Very Happy
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james-20015,055 posts since 13 Sep 2015
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One thing I've noticed on the ITV3 episodes from 1989/90, pretty much every time someone's watching the TV, they're watching a music video. According to the BFI listings, Granada were responsible for sending The ITV Chart Show to the network for the first few years (Yorkshire took over circa 1993), I wonder if they were using that as an easy source of material to put on people's TVs?

Whereas for the past 15 years when someone's been watching something on TV, it's usually Enjy Benjy!
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