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Wright’s use of ‘real’ is further evidence that he wasn’t happy with the direction that ITN wanted to take the program.

The new program name ‘Jeremy Vine’ isn’t exactly groundbreaking. Even ‘Jeremy Vine Live’ would have been slightly better.
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As I've said before, I've been a huge fan of Kirsty's almost since she started out in the TV business two decades ago - yet even I'm surprised that she's hosting a show like TWS.

While she's undoubtedly a good TV presenter, and she undoubtedly has a heart of gold, I would have thought that she was just a little bit too, y'know, "entertainment" for *this* kind of show - and the same for, say, Davina and Claudia. Mind you, I had similar feelings when Dan Walker took over on Breakfast - and it seems to be working out pretty well for him.

Of course, unlike Dan, Kirsty's helping to keep the seat warm for JV. And I'd be pretty shocked if she was lying in that tweet...

Undoubtedly has a heart of gold? Yeah someone who get’s in a car drunk and drives certainly has a heart of gold...

Well we're going to have to agree to disagree here.

That said, even I feel she deserved to be punished. *All* drink-driving offences - whether they involve getting behind the wheel immediately after drinking, or (in her case) the morning after - are unprofessional and could result in someone getting seriously injured or killed (which fortunately didn't happen here). And punished she was, and it was a reasonable punishment which she accepted.

Worth pointing out that she continued to present Sky Sports News in between being charged and appearing in court. And since her departure from SSN in May, not only has she done TWS but she's also done 606 on 5 Live and has become an ambassador for William Hill, and she's currently filling in for Xander Armstrong on Classic FM - so she's still very much popular. Wink

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The one positive I can say for Kirsty Gallacher is that her delivery isn't as earthly dull as Kelly Cates who was an absolute disaster when she presented Channel 5's football league highlights show.

For a sports presenter, Gallacher does come over more 'entertainment' for someone who has spent most of her broadcasting career at Sky Sports. Basically a female Ben Shephard.

She was tolerable on TWS however, compared to Lowri Turner who doesn't seem to get any other gigs outside of the bubble that is The Wright Stuff.
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