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It's easy enough reminiscing about the past but exactly what sort of children's programmes does OFCOM want to see on ITV1 / C4 / C5, and why?

Are there even enough kids in Britain to support a children's TV production industry in the future or is the market too small?

The Ofcom report isn't necessarily about creating more TV shows - it's about finding new ways of getting shows to kids' eyeballs isn't it? No point being forced to commission and broadcast hours of content on linear DVB TV when all the kids are watching on tablets or other IP devices...
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GMTV were bad for those type of shows, remember Granny Bananana? Sorry Our house:

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Some very geeky chat between Chris Moyles and Andi Peters on his Radio X show yesterday. Apparently when Andi was hired for the BBC it was to host the Summer Mornings/Easter/Holiday mornng slot. Within a week he was told he was covering for Andy Crane in the broomcupboard (despite the fact that Simon Parkin was the offical understudy). A month later the bosses wanted Andy Crane to do Monday, Wednesday and Friday with Andi doing Tuesday and Thursday. Apparently Andy wasn't happy with this and was one of the reason he moved to ITV and Andi got the slot full time. He also said that while doing the broom cupboard he was offered a job on Blue Peter but turned it down as he always wanted to do Saturday morning tv and the Blue Peter editor told him if he refused the job he would never get another job in the BBC. A year later Live and Kicking launched with Andi as main presenter.
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Didn’t Geoffrey Hayes do very badly out of it, he ended up being a cabbie driver, he looked frail on Pointless as well.

He did also present a disturbingly familiar show (at least if you close your eyes!) for GMTV https://youtu.be/0jgD-Z48iCo

Gosh I have no memory of that. It really couldn't be much closer to Rainbow in format! Certainly wasn't repeated anywhere near as much as that nightmarish 'granny bananny' thing. I'm sure that was on GMTV2 every morning for years.
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Our House went under the name "Riff and Raff" for some of its existence. It was also a Gaelic show dubbed into English, called "Ru Agus Ra".

STV showed the original Gaelic version as part of GMTV Kids on Saturday mornings, with the redubbed English version only really popping up on bank holidays etc

Very small article on it here: