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At the same time The Irish Times reveals details of the pricing structure for Virgin Media’s new sports channel in Ireland, which is being built on the Champions League and Europa League, as well as the UEFA Nations League and (non-ROI) European Qualifiers. Free for Virgin TV customers, €10 pm for Virgin Mobile and Broadband customers, €20 for everyone else.

How anyone thinks the market can bear four premium level sports packs (plus a Eurosport that seems to be thinking more and more in that direction) I don’t know.
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2009 IIRC when Ukraine v England was a PPV internet only broadcast; although I seem to remember a more recent example where perhaps BT or Premier had some odd friendly for some reason

This won't have happened - part of the deal for organising the friendly is that the FA get the TV rights to it, so it's not possible for broadcasters to buy the rights to individual friendlies. You'd know about it if Premier had got an England match, it would have been their highest profile broadcast ever.

Indeed, it was part of the contract with ITV that England played a specified number of friendlies each season, and when one got cancelled the other year because of the riots, they had to arrange another one later in the season so ITV were able to show the required number. Doesn't matter if they're home or away. Qualifiers used to be different and would pop up anywhere, but obviously they're now all sold collectively.

The last time a friendly was on the "wrong" channel was back in 2000, when at the time friendlies were live on Sky with highlights on ITV, but for some reason when they played Italy away the highlights were on the Beeb (though it was still live on Sky). Don't know what happened there.

The last time an England match wasn't on FTA TV was in the qualifying campaign for Euro 2012 when Sky had the rights to all the away matches (ITV had the home matches). Sky also had the rights for the away qualifiers for the 2014 World Cup, but sold them on to ITV and since then every England match outside a tournament has been live on ITV.

The last time a friendly wasn't on FTA TV was in 2009, as that season ITV had the rights to home qualifiers and Setanta had the friendlies. But when Setanta went bust, they gave them to ITV.

It's different for the other home nations and in the past their friendlies have turned up all over the place, but they play substantially fewer friendlies than England - Wales have barely played any in recent years - so they're still sold on an ad hoc basis.
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Re: Pay tv rights of Ascot racecourse going from RUK to Sky Sports Racing.

Well, ITV really are bitter about the new pay tv rights deal. This from the Racing Post, written by Lee Mottershead (mods- not nicking paid content - this article is freely readable on the RP website)

The fury felt by ITV over Ascot's decision to sign a broadcast deal with Sky is expected to be made public after it emerged the sport's mainstream television partner plans to punish the royal racecourse by dropping plans to show the Shergar Cup on its main channel.
In a remarkable development, it is understood ITV director of sport Niall Sloane has reversed his earlier decision to promote the international jockeys competition from the slot it held last year on ITV4. It was announced only on Monday that the Dubai Duty Free-backed Shergar Cup would be given the prestigious position of an ITV main channel home on August 11.

However, within 24 hours of that announcement Sloane and other senior ITV Sport figures were left stunned on being informed by Ascot it had opted to end its association with Racing UK and instead revive its old relationship with At The Races, which will next year be rebranded as Sky Sports Racing.

ITV let it be known on Tuesday that it viewed Ascot's move – which was organised by the track's chief commercial officer Juliet Slot – as "bizarre. The network, which replaced Channel 4 as the home of free-to-air racing in Britain at the start of 2017, is known to be angry given Sky was one of the rivals for ITV's current four-year contract.

Industry sources believe Sky Sports Racing – which will have Ascot as the jewel in its crown from March 2019 – will again bid for the next set of mainstream rights.

ITV has also noted Ascot's arrangement with Sky Sports Racing lasts for less than two years and comes up for renewal at the end of 2020, which is exactly when its own contract expires.

Asked about the Shergar Cup situation, Ascot director of racing Nick Smith said: "Scheduling matters are in the hands of ITV.

Couple of points. Well done ITV. Lashing out at Ascot, when they've been very accomdating for the Royal Festival for you. Next year, you might not have your wirecam over the paddock, or be allowed to introduce the singsong at 6pm in the bandstand.
Also, spotting the end of your rights with the RHA, and the end of the Ascot deal with SSR/ATR, is just a little paranoid? The deal is with the RHA collectively with the other UK tracks, so Ascot is one very posh cog in the chain.

But, Sky bidding for the 'mainstream' rights? Sky will try and get the rights off ITV when they are up for renewal in a couple of years time? You'd hope UK horse racing sees a little sense and recongnises the value of having the sport FTA via ITV and ITV4 for 100 odd days per year, and going behind a 'bundle' pay wall would be pretty rubbish for the sport.

But, then, that didn't stop Irish Horse Racing taking the money and shafting ATR earlier this year and going with RUK- who at the moment have revealed precisely nothing about how they are going to cover Irish racing when all the afternoon/evening action (upto 3 meetings) is coming from this side of the Irish sea and will lead to race coverage pile-ups, and very little build up - something that they get acres of at the moment with ATR.
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Really don't think it is worth ITV kicking up a fuss considering there has been an FTA/Pay TV split for years and Ascot is actually one of the few flagship events where they can show the whole racecard.

Ascot probably weren't happy with being dumped to ITV4 during World Cup games either, something that would happen every other year (except 2022) so having a higher profile pay TV presence clearly tempting there.
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Anyone know who is broadcasting the Rugby World Cup 7s, taking place next week in San Francisco (and not to be confused with the annual Sevens series).

ITV4 have highlights of each day but can't see any live coverage scheduled there or on Sky (or indeed anywhere through a Digiguide search). Is this another event that has gone to an online platform, or do ITV have the live rights (as they do the U20 and Womens World Cup) but opting not to show them?
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I preferred the internet when it had a sense of humour.
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According to the WR website ITV are the U.K. rights holders. There appears to be highlights on S4C too.

Eir Sport are showing it in Ireland.

I’m guessing the rights are effectively thrown in with the 15s event?
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No live coverage on linear UK TV. HD stream on YouTube is perfectly adequate, nice gfx too. As a San Francisco Giants fan and a rugby nut this is quite a special event.

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HTV Wales Wales Today
At least ITV haven't blocked the Youtube feed but really don't understand why they aren't at least streaming it online and a shame they're not showing any live, or at least packaging an as-live programme together with the home nations games and the finals. The only thing really in their schedules which would clash with live coverage is Tour de France highlights (the event roughly takes place 6pm-6am over three days).
I preferred the internet when it had a sense of humour.
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I think the time zone difference is what's doing for it this time. Sky or BT or ITV4 could have bunged it on had it been in the afternoon or even evening. But they don't want to lose precious overnight casino **** on ITV and Sky and BT probably don't want to pay someone to manually fire off advert breaks.
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I know I’ve often criticised World Rugby for their absolutely dated graphics (outside of the RWC itself) but those ones are certainly an improvement (if a bit American football inspired with the “TRY” animation - well they are in America I guess!)

Meanwhile back at the 15s game, Sky have done their own pre/half/post match analysis for the first time in this Super Rugby season for this mornings Crusaders v Sharks QF. Of late I’ve noticed they’ve taken the Sky NZ studio segments at half time.
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Sky and BT probably don't want to pay someone to manually fire off advert breaks.

I've noticed similar misconceptions a few times on here, so to clarify - on all the highly-reactive channels (the PSBs, sports channels etc.) there's someone directing each individual channel 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

And even the lowest-profile channels on the arse-end of the EPG aren't left to run themselves even if they're done as multichannel playout (one person looking after half a dozen channels).
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