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Speaking of Steve Wright, he seems to have been a notable absense from the Story Of documentries. As he's on Radio 2 nearly every day he must be easy to pull over for an interview, like with Simon Mayo doing his for the Story of 86 from his studio. Presumably he just doesn't want to do it .

It might also be worth asking this - did he actually have anything meaningful worth contributing?

As this is TV forum, while I'm musing about January 1986, I wonder if any readers remember this at all. I was in the 6th Form at the time and had a heap of free periods - that's how I was able to hear Bates mid morning show for one. But I also had regular afternoon's free, and in January 1986 there was a really rather good Schools drama serial showing for the first time, part of the well known Scene strand. It was called Buddy, and featured Roger Daltrey as a Buddy Holly fan, as the father of a boy with various issues. It was an excellent watch and I've never forgotten it since January 1986 to this day.

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Whereas he used to be all over TV in the 90s.

He certainly was - when he left Radio 1 he signed a two year contract with BBC Television. I remember Alan Yentob saying that they were hopeful he could recreate on telly what he achieved on the radio, and Wright himself was very enthusiastic about it, he said he was interested to have a proper full-time go at telly and he said he'd asked the BBC to send him on all the different training courses for producers and directors to see how it all worked.

Anyway, as It turned out he didn't do very much on telly at all, he did a crappy panel show called Home Truths which is now only remembered for that out-take of Kriss Akabusi falling off his chair, and then Steve Wright's People Show which lasted two series to little effect. I remember the first series had a couple of co-hosts as an obvious attempt to recreate his Radio 1 posse. But none of that worked out and he did a few other shows to see out his contract and then went back to the radio.

As for contributing to these docs, clearly these days he doesn't enjoy being in front of the camera at all. I'm not sure he'd have much to contribute anyway, you get the impression that he would generally just turn up before the recording - he never does the charts, seemingly because he was on air at the time - and just busk his way through.
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Steve Wright on TOTP in this era is only half the man he is nowadays! As has been previously mentioned on these pages, Steve Wright was quite simply never a suitable TV performer, and why should he be? Infact when you think about it, why should literally any of the radio jocks who ended up fronting TOTP. Andy Peebles is another one who just failed to shine on the show, despite an excellent radio pedigree and engaging personality through that medium. That so many of the national radio lot proved themselves quite competent is maybe the bigger surprise, such as the likes of Tommy Vance and John Peel for instance. That two presenters, Noel Edmonds and Mike Read even went onto major TV careers for years in live Saturday morning TV is even more impressive, as well as their Saturday night output. More new Pop Quiz with Mike on BBC4 please.

Tonight's 16th January 1986 TOTP was a quite decent half hour. It was good to hear Saturday Love by Cherelle with Alexander O'Neal again. I was amused by the awkward way he walked onto set halfway through the duet, just as people at home must have been wondering where he was. I was also struck by how unusually wide Cherelle's mouth seemed to be.

The lead singer of Mr. Mister looked like a cross between Sting and Bryan Adams. Broken Wings could've easily been a Bryan Adams song I feel. A classic track I often play to this day. Mike Read called it the former American No1, not once but twice. I was listening to Broken Wings being played at the top spot in December 1985 on Paul Gambaccini's American Chart Show on Radio 1 when I heard that one of my grandparents had passed away, so it always holds that memory to me of that moment and that show.

One improvement on these half hour long shows now 1986 has arrived is that they have now stopped the video top ten countdown which was taking up far too much time in such a short show, with too many brief clips.

Anyone here surprised just how successful Bronski Beat were after Jimmy Somerville left them? Hit That Perfect Beat making the same high peak position of No3 as Smalltown Boy in '84 seemed unlikely. Who remembers Cha Cha Heels with Eartha Kitt in summer '89? Not bad, but nothing like as big either.
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I'm still a few years away from being born (my parents had yet to meet or even start uni at this point) but I have a handful of memories of 1990s TOTP, before I properly started watching it all the time in 2002 (and even then I preferred CD:UK). All are quite hazy so it'll be interesting to see how my memories match when the episodes arrive -

* Mr Blobby being on the show in Xmas 1993/New Year 1994, I think in video rather than live form. First time I remember knowing that there was a "chart" as I watched it go from #1 to #3 the following week.

* What seemed like some sort of sound error in the mid-1990s as the end credits were briefly replaced by a second or two of classical music - I say "seemed" as knowing the era it could just have been some random dance track with a sample in the middle and childhood me registering it as a mistake. If an actual error then it presumably won't be on the BBC Four copy so I guess I'll never know.

* Bizarre late 90s performance of an obscure dance track featuring TVs full of red lips all over the studio, singing "La daa da dee, la da da daa" over and over again. A oddly compelling watch.

* Mr Oizo's 'Flat Beat' reaching #1 and it being linked by some odd sequence of the presenter "driving" to Flat Eric's "office" (the yellow puppet character in the video) and the video playing.

It really wasn't a show that was on much in our household so my only regular memories of it don't start until the dying days of the show in the early noughties.
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* Bizarre late 90s performance of an obscure dance track featuring TVs full of red lips all over the studio, singing "La daa da dee, la da da daa" over and over again . A oddly compelling watch.

That sounds like Gypsy Woman by Crystal Waters , though that came out in 1991. Was there a later track that sampled it maybe?

Not obscure at the time but I was thinking Eiffel 65 with Blue (Da Ba Dee) a large selling No1 from September/October 1999.

More Da Ba Dee's than La Daa Da Dee's, and not sure how red lips feature in a song about the colour blue, so I'm likely wrong, but who knows with TOTP.

I apologise for inflicting this quite terrible piece of Europoptrash on this thread.
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That's certainly obscure, not heard that before. I did buy a single by The All Seeing I back in early '99 when they did a top ten track with Tony Christie called Walk Like A Panther.

I would not have bought the track above, and it seems nobody did, it never broke the Top 75 so surprised it got a TOTP outing if it is the one. Looks a good bet to be the answer to BillyH. No samples of Crystal Waters in it.
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TOTP did put some strange things on during the Cowey era that didn't get near the top 40. I know a fair amount of low & non-charting stuff went out during the late repeats but not the original screening too (as well as controversial stuff like Eminem, and the full Rock DJ video- one of the rare times Cowey showed a video), presumably wanting to use some of the performances they'd pre-recorded (there must be loads of unscreened ones from the Cowey era, I know some have turned up on TOTP2 down the years).

So much wrong with the Cowey era really, not sure it's going to be that entertaining to watch if BBC4 get that far.
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