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HTV Wales Wales Today
Studio looks amazing. Not sure about the white random disco lights. They're a bit too bright. Perhaps toned down a little?

Titles look great. Text is a bit X Factor. Colour scheme is nice too
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Central (South) Midlands Today
"Live from Television Centre in London".

Much better intro.

I'm guessing ITV Studios wasn't the in thing to say given it being within STV's hours.

The flashy text is a very naff X Factor carbon copy. And the OTT intro was very a la Oscars 2016 with the sweeping spotlights.
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Tyne Tees Look North (North East)
Theme music is nice and could easily be used again on mornings. The normal graphics look good apart from the tags which are blending into everyone's suits. Bit flashy opening graphics I didn't like as much. Also was that actually Dominic Green on the opener for some reason it didn't sound quite the same?
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