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5Daily: A new brand for The Wright Stuff

Closer alignment with 5 News (June 2018)

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I started on this design months ago, as a hypothetical Channel 5 breakfast programme.

After hearing about Matthew Wright's announced departure from The Wright Stuff last month, I began to wonder whether the '5Daily' name could work for that slot.

Before TWS' move to ITN, I wondered whether we might see a closer brand alignment between TWS and 5 News, almost like GMB does with the ITV News brand. While we didn't, I do think that with TWS' more 'hard-news' agenda than we saw at Princess, aligning TWS with 5 News would be mutually beneficial. (So long as the days of 'Foxy Knoxy: Would Ya?' are truly behind us) Jeremy Vine's appointment fills me with hope of this.

I've recoloured the design from my original breakfast programme concept, from an orange to a blue - similar to TWS' current colour palate.

The graphics emulate the style of 5 News, with the sloping angles and typeface. I've also kept the ticker from my original concept as I imagine the show will continue in becoming more focused on serious news, consideting Jeremy Vine's appointment. The DOG alternates between the 5Daily and 5 News logos.

Headline sequence

Title card

DOG, clock and ticker

Name aston

Topic aston

Live bug


Newspaper graphic

Statement graphic

Coming up swipe
It looks respectable to me, I'm just not taken with the name, but the look itself looks like something that could be on screen and I think it can work. A better name would help.

I'd be interested in seeing the breakfast show version of this, because I have a feeling that that would be better, but I wouldn't mind if something like this became the new look.
The breakfast programme version is really just the same with an orange colour palette. I changed it as I didn't feel the orange would suit the TWS slot.

Thank you for your comments cityprod.
That's really good!
Whataday Founding member
This is exactly what they should do. Perfect.
I really like that - the only thing I would change is alternating the DOG with 5 News - that seems an unnecessary annoyance and I think the graphical link between the two is enough.

14 days later

Thank you all for your comments. Brekkie, I get your point about the DOG and I think for any further updates I'll probably stick to just the 5Daily DOG.

I've been meaning to upload some more graphics I've produced since my original post.

Viewer tweet

Social media

Phone in

Phone/text information

In to/out of break question

58 days later

These are very nice!
I wouldn't mind these being thrown in as they wouldn't be out of place!
Fluidity between sub-brands is important and you've solidified that with the blue.
Well done!

56 days later

Telly Media
These look great!

19 days later

I LOVE this so much! Well done!
I like this. Good job!

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