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A question regarding VPN

Can I install it on a plusnet router? (June 2018)

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Ne1L C

I'm a subscriber to ExpressVPN (NB for increased security, nothing dodgy) and am wondering if I can install it on my PlusNet Hub Plus One router so I can get increased security across my network?

Thanks Very Happy
Neil Jones Founding member
Probably not as ISP routers are typically locked down. You can't even use manual DNS servers on the Plusnet One router, which is basically a repackaged IIRC BT Home Hub 5.

A supported third party router would probably be the best way to go, though of course you'd have to wade through the list of routers before you buy.
noggin Founding member
You can install LEDE/OpenWRT on BT Home Hubs (and I guess Plusnet Ones) - but you have to dismantle them to get access to the serial terminal to do so. This isn't for the inexperienced.

However the VPN performance of converted ISP routers is quite anaemic (as their processors can't keep the VPN running as fast as modern connection speeds, so throttle) so you are better off with either a faster third party router (you can keep your existing one as a modem and buy a non-ADSL/VDSL model) or alternative VPN connectivity solution.
London Lite Founding member
My TP-Link Archer C59 will allow you to use ExpressVPN using the L2TP protocol. You will have a limited choice of servers compared to using the ExpressVPN app however.
Ne1L C
Many thanks for the replies everyone. I'll stick to the app on the mac Very Happy

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