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Central (West) Midlands Today
Watching last nights Indy car coverage on BT Sport (which contained the always amusing 'start of the race being delayed because the 'guest' driver of the pace/safety car crashed into the wall during the pre-race parade laps') and the UK break filling commentators handed over to the US team with the words 'for the last time for the foreseeable future we hand over to the ABC commentary team in Detroit'

I take it then that ABC have thrown in the rights to Indycar coverage? So, does that mean ESPN will also loose the rights, or do they switch to them exclusively in the US. Or have they gone to another network. Like NBCSN, for instance, who must be rather light on motorsport since they lost F1 coverage to ESPN from the start of the current season.

It does mean one thing though. I noticed the captions were still in the late 90's ABC style.
Must be the only set to go from that era, survive the 3d/glass and bevelled era of graphic design, and back out again to today, where captions now resemble this rather more simple style.
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