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That new show "Survival Of The Fittest" Starts next week and there pushing it everywhere with stings/flashes and break bumpers along with next tags.

Outdoor promotion too - seen a few adverts for it in the morning.

I sense ITV are really banking on this series to do decently on ITV2 - thanks to the success of Love Island and their other reality shows.
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There were running promos for this since late December. ITV really are banking on this.
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Promotions in general seem to be running much longer now. Trauma, which begins on ITV next week, has been heavily promoted since before Christmas.
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I only really watch itv2 for family guy so I don't know if this is all day or at night, but for the last few night they had two continuity presenters at the same time. Any reason why?
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Love island is back Next week and its seems the pres has been hyped yo ti Survival ofthe fittest levels.
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Literally the only thing I've ever heard about Love Island was regular articles about how they showed far too much smoking...

I'm surprised they're still smoking in 'Love Island'
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