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UTV Newsline
Shame Breakfast, which is focusing heavily on the Manchester attack anniversary, was introduced by the Campers ident and not this one this morning...https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kLOsRjU97Yk

It would be much nicer if they got all the survivors together and made a oneness ident. Something with meaning.

I appreciate the Mountain Rescue ident more now as I unfortunately had to use them a month ago.
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My decision to series link my recordings on Sky of HIGNFY from BBC One NI seems to be the "gift that keeps on giving" for pres funnery. Very Happy

Tonight we got a static VT clock (and very nice it was too). . .


. . . and then a brief glimpse/sound of the BBC "breakdown ribbons", before crashing into a network branded trailer, then back to an NI national ident.

Enjoy Very Happy

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UTV Newsline
I commented on the video, surprised there was no apology over the ident, and was told this was probably because the announcement was recorded. I thought all continuity on BBC One and Two was live, even in the nations?

The announcement was not pre-recorded. The announcer is also the playout director in Scot/Wales/NI. The playout system will have been pre-programmed and the announcer/director's priority is to correct the problem. The timings in a junction like that will not change - London will still start the next programme at the planned time, so incredibly difficult to adjust your script at such short notice and also try and deal with the fault. At a guess, something went wrong with the playout system (from my own observations, there has been a significant increase in playout issues since the new playout gear went live a few months back).

There was no announcement over a BBC Sport graphic in another junction later in the evening.
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UTV Newsline
I'm not sure a mistake/error like that necessarily needs an apology from the announcer - it only affected the trails, not the programmes on either side of the junction, and then only briefly.

The BBC Newsline update did not get transmitted due to the fault. An apology would've been justified for that. However, given the circumstances (as explained above), I'd say the lack of apology is excusable.
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Of course the director/announcer’s priority was to correct the fault, but a simple acknowledgment after the event such as “Sorry about that short technical glitch just then. Anyway, now on BBC One Northern Ireland...” would have sufficed and I’m sure the length of the ident would normally allow for it.
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UTV Newsline
Considering tonight’s CA on BBC 1 NI just tripped over his tongue (resulting in the ident ending and the opening frame of “Imagine” frozen on screen waiting on him to press play after he’d finished speaking), I’m sure it’s safe to say that continuity is live on BBC 1 NI. Very Happy
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What was that promo about BBC one about woman all about?
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