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Low (ie normal office type) ceiling height is a big problem in a lot of these studios. A small studio floor with a decent height grid can look pretty good. Midlands Today’s studio isn’t massive but does have good height. Even Oxford’s tiny studio has good ceiling height. A small studio with low height can look ropey on wide shots with lots of black in the top of shot and a multitude of lights visible.

MTD's studio had a mezzanine floor when it was first built as office space, once the plans were finalised they removed the mezz and turned it into a lighting grid (which also has the apps room above the gallery on the mezzanine that was originally over the studio that was just a plain old conference room.
I particularly am fond of their 'scene dock' doors which are just two thick office doors with seals around them to soundproof.
Oh it's such a perfect day, I'm glad I spent it with you...
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On the final bulletin from the meeting room, instead of Phil looking at the plasma to do the two way with the weather presenter, they used a split screen instead.

Still that studio would put any That's TV set-up to shame.