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Yorkshire Look North (Yorkshire)
If you notice on the photo Keeley put online, there is a circle of green light around the camera lens, that is reflected back by glass beads in that grey screen, so it looks green on screen. I gather it's a cheaper option than a proper green screen and the less forgiving lighting that is required.
Write that down in your copybook now.
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I'm having flashbacks of the social media sexism/chauvinism/misogyny (whatever) that was directed at Susanna Reid by certain cretins when GMB first launched...

#getyourpinsout (etc)


With all due respect to the Mayor of Wetwang, it's not a patch on The Schaf's 2010 magazine photoshoot. Wink

Please don't suggest that, if he reads it he just might be tempted Rolling Eyes
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Yorkshire Look North (Yorkshire)
It seems the new set made its debut on Sunday Politics Yorkshire and Lincolnshire yesterday. I can't get screenshots from where I am but it's a semi circular NBH style set with three seamlessly joined large rear projected screens much like in Studio B at NBH, so hopefully it will make it's Look North debut today. Sofa or desk I wonder?

Sadly picture quality still seems to be poor and the lighting didn't seem to be quite right for the Sunday Politics.
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