Strictly Come Dancing

Does anyone have the Strictly package? (April 2018)

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Luke B

I'm not sure if its library but does anyone have the Strictly Come Dancing package? If so, it would be much appreciated if you could share it with me. I'd also be happy to trade via PM if that's your thing.

Thanks in advance.
I've found the Strictly music to be incredibly hard to come by! Whenever they're launching a new series etc you'll often hear The One Show or even This Morning using various cuts of it (such as the music for announcing who's been eliminated) so obviously it is out there! The theme tune has been released on CD I believe but otherwise I've never came across any of it.

8 days later

I am not so much intrested in the full package, but I would love the drum beats part they use when the all stood there waiting to see who is going to be in the dance off

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