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DanielK3,467 posts since 1 Oct 2011
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Montage straight into the titles, was expecting more form them to be honest.

What? Apart from them mentioning it every 10 minutes, a quiz, two montages, a look behind the scenes and at the crew, phone call from Fern, taking the furniture away gradually through the show, and all the crew coming on to the set at the end.

Given that they're going to be back eventually... it was more than adequate.

I was talking specifically the closer, I expected it to be more built up.
Inspector Sands13,972 posts since 25 Aug 2004
Thing is, it's all very interesting for those of us interested in telly but I do wonder what the average viewer makes of it all. Mrs Sands (who is my representative of an average viewer) commented how self indulgent the end of This Morning was and then when Loose Women started she said 'oh they going on about it too?'

It's not as if the programmes are ending or will even look that different on Monday
Whataday10,285 posts since 13 Sep 2001
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Yea there's a lot of "they're not talking about it AGAIN!?" on the Loose Women hashtag, but television always over indulges itself on these occasions. It's just one of those things. I like it anyway, a real end of term feeling on all the shows.
Whataday10,285 posts since 13 Sep 2001
HTV Wales Wales Today
Is it me, or does it seem more of a family when Eamonn and Ruth are at the helm? They all seem to get on well, and there's a spark between the team which isn't always present with Holly and Phil hosting.

I know it's unfortunate timing but you would really expect Holly & Phil to be there today, and yet they weren't really missed, which is strange considering its their show. And it was even more unfortunate that they weren't there for the day Denise passed away, but it somehow felt more worthy to have Eamonn and Ruth host.
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Eamonn and Ruth come across as so much more down to earth and, ironically, far more comfortable than whenever I see the other two. I can't stand Schofield and Holly presenting this, indulgement isn't the word. Which is sad because I've heard they are nice off screen, Holly especially.
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