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UTV Newsline
So will the new studio have a fake backdrop of the South Bank just to make it seem like they are still there, or will we have West London landmarks such as Westfield Shopping Centre and QPR's Loftus Road stadium? Laughing

Philip and Holly have already said they are taking the view with them. Philip said they have recorded hours of footage of the Thames view and it will be used in their new studio from Monday.
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Central (South) Midlands Today
Montage straight into the titles, was expecting more form them to be honest.

What? Apart from them mentioning it every 10 minutes, a quiz, two montages, a look behind the scenes and at the crew, phone call from Fern, taking the furniture away gradually through the show, and all the crew coming on to the set at the end.

Given that they're going to be back eventually... it was more than adequate.
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