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Well I could be wrong but those don't look like tv screens to me https://www.instagram.com/p/BhedZqkgWdd/

Certainly looks like a photographic print to me.

Hasn't GMB gradually swapped its various TV screen "windows" at TLS for lightbox ones in recent weeks, so that the screens could be moved over to the replica set at TVC in time for some off-air piloting?

Logically, This Morning would surely need to have done likewise?

Having said that... Seeing as they've had to splash-out on a load of UHD monitors anyway (at a bulk discount price, perchance?) to make the TVC fake version of the current TLS real window, maybe the 4 used for the "side window" are also brand spanking new rather than moved over from TLS?
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My idea of the perfect end to This Morning from TLS:

- Ruth and Eamonn share their fond memories of their first episode together back in 2002
- Philip and Holly gatecrash through the back entrance and say "Hold on, hold on, where's our best bits?"
- Ruth says "Oh. Go on then. Run VT!" - Which then cuts to the gallery with the director pressing the button
- The VT which will play is this:

- After the VT has played, Ruth, Eamonn, Philip and Holly have left the studio for the final time and are on the Southbank joined by the Loose Women as they all reminisce about their time at TLS.

- Ruth then says "Join us on Monday from our brand new home in West London", Eamonn cuts in and adlibs, Philip cuts in abruplty and says "Hey, that's my line!" to which Holly says "Some things never change Phil, unlike our beautiful Southbank view."

- They all shed a tear or two, then they all say bye at the same time, the camera pans from the Southbank to the TM logo on the building, extended theme music kicks in and then one final shot inside of Studio 8 with the lights being switched off as soon as the final "dun" of the theme music kicks in and the fades back outside with a shot of all the presenters and the transparent ITV Studios logo fades in.
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