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Brekkie Wales Wales Today
Was also a fan of The Vault - had forgotten how many presenters it went through in a relatively short life span.

If ITV want to bring back a chance for viewers to win £1m I'd rather they did it with a new format really. I don't think the problems Millionaire had when it left screens are going to have been solved just by time off air, and Clarkson is probably adding to those problems rather than taking away, though I suspect it is a role he could be quite good at.
Turns out nobody had 2020 vision.
Wasn't The Vault all pre-recorded apart from the viewer call?

The end game has brokers on the phone to help the studio contestant too although I'm not sure if they were phoned as part of the recording or live.

I think the host carousel was a case of bad timing really - Davina was probably picked up due to her previous stint with shows such as DTTAH, but then Big Brother and babies probably got in the way, then Mel Sykes herself took maternity leave so Gaby had to step in.

It had flaws but the format had very good potential, as shown by the 18 year old student winning £700,000 by answering a pretty hard question at the end - when you still remember the moment 15 years on to me that is the sign of something decent anyway!
VMPhil Granada North West Today
I'm thankful for the previous posts in this thread because now I'm not embarrassed to admit I also really liked The Vault.
Juicy Joe Founding member Central (West) Midlands Today
The Vault was excellent and I remember at the time, viewers were saying the rules were too complicated, but I thought it was pretty self explanatory. The live nature of it and the end game on the phone with a viewer was always tense and the frantic nature of it and it is a shame it isn't on anymore. I think Mel actually allowed one viewer contestant to lose even though they had said the right answer in the last second. She didn't hear it and keeping one eye on the clock, denied a viewer thousands of pounds. It was awesome to watch!!

I think if it was on Saturday nights throughout its run, it would have done better.
It was also hilarious when the telephone viewer got stumped on one of the two questions...

...that had already been asked during the main show!
Juicy Joe Founding member Central (West) Midlands Today
Johnr posted:
It was also hilarious when the telephone viewer got stumped on one of the two questions...

...that had already been asked during the main show!

Obviously been watching Holby City!! Wink
DE88 UTV Newsline
Looks like there's a fair amount of love for The Vault here on TVF... Wink

I quite liked it too, even with the dead air. That said, I absolutely understand why people like Steve considered it a dreadful show - particularly as none of its flaws were ever really sorted out (indeed, adding the phone brokers in the second and third series merely resulted in filling time with more wrong guesses).

It might have been more successful had it been a bit more faithful to the Israeli original - using Hangman-style puzzles and screening callers so that only those who definitely knew the answers got on air.

It's likely that the jackpot would have been won more often, too - it was won just six times in the 32 episodes, and just twice by the studio finalist.

Jon posted:
Of course the big thing about the vault was rolling jackpot and the fact viewers at home could win it.

Once it reached seven figures, however, ITV decided against raising it further - it remained £1 million for four consecutive episodes, before it was finally won by a viewer.

A further indication of ITV's decreasing faith in the show, it's probably fair to say...

Wasn't The Vault all pre-recorded apart from the viewer call?

Unless I'm mistaken, the first two rounds were pre-recorded, while the final and the viewer call were live.
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Square Eyes Founding member
It’s official then Jeremy Clarkson to host Who Wants to be a Millionaire? over 7 nights later in the Spring.
bkman1990 UTV Newsline
Well. This is a surprise in the making. I never knew that JC was into a show like this one. If I get the time to see it; I will.
RDJ Central (West) Midlands Today
I'll wait and see... but given that I find Clarkson as irritating as hell, I just can't imagine him hosting a gameshow like Millionaire.and especially giving support and being on the contestants side.

They might as well have gotten Piers Morgan to host it as an existing ITV employee and someone equally as annoying.
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PFML84 UTV Newsline
So it's back to answering 15 questions to win instead of 12, but some extra gimmicks have been added in, and I'm not referring to Clarkson in that.

I'll probably watch one episode just to see how awful it is.
Larry the Loafer Granada North West Today
The gimmicks are what I'm most worried about. It was arseing around with the format that killed it in the first place.

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