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Is there a regular presenter for ITV Anglia whilst Amanda is away or are they using anyone from whichever other region is available.

At weekend I think the Wales/London/Anglia etc hub is based in London where they do the National/London forcasts, The North hub is based in Salford (Granada) and the Meridian/Westcountry hub based in Southampton (Meridian)

Correct me if I'm wrong but, other than the hubs, I don't think any other ITV Region has more than one weather presenter anymore. When the main presenters away they generally just used a forecaster based at one of the hubs.

EDIT: Misread the post, didn't realise Amanda was on long-term leave.

Wales have 2 presenters at the moment - Ruth Wignall and Kelsey Redmore, although Kelsey has only started presenting the weather very recently. Neither of them are involved in the weekend hubs so we still get James, Helen etc at the weekends and sometimes during the week.

I think Granada has Jo and Kerrie although you could argue Kerrie is shared between the other North regions. West have Bob, Alex and Kate although Alex is more often than not doing the National weather or covering on GMB whilst Kate I think is freelance.

Id forgotten about Alice doing Anglia weather. Think she turned up on ITV Wales for 2 or 3 days not so long ago as cover. Aidan also used to cover fairly regularly including the weekend hub on a few occasions.

Jo and Kerrie from Granada are both part time and share the weekdays between them.
Bob only works 4 days (I believe) so Kate covers the other day and the occasional weekend
Ruth and Kelsey from Wales have other presenting responsibilities also

Regarding weather hubs there are three main hubs:
North (Salford studios for Granada) for Granada, Border, Tyne Tees & Calendar/Yorkshire x2
Midlands (not quite sure that that is the correct name) (London or Anglia studios) for London, Wales, Central x2 and Anglia x2
South (Meridian studios) for Meridian x2, West Country x2 and Channel (at the weekend there is no presenter for the Channel Islands- it is just a voice over from the Channel Islands news team)

Emma Jesson provides the weekend weather for the northern regions and Kerrie Gosney or Jo Blythe cover if she is not available
Philippa Drew provides the weekend weather for the southern regions with Helen Plint or James Wright providing cover. Occasionally Kate Haskell will provide cover but this is very rare
The midlands regions have a variety of weekend presenters but usually have Helen Plint, James Wright or Amanda Houston. Occasionally Chris Page or Aisling from Anglia provide cover.
The national weather presenter on a Saturday is usually Amanda/Lucy/Manali and Sunday is usually Becky. Jo Blythe from Granada has recently started covering some national forecasts from Salford.
In the event that there is a shortage of presenters available/illness over the weekend then usually the midlands regions are split so half are covered by the northern team and half are covered by the southern team. Usually Wales/Central will go to the northern presenter and Anglia/London will go to the southern presenter. Although sometimes all go to the northern/southern presenter.

Currently the presenters for each of the regions are
Border/Tyne Tees- Ross
Calendar (Yorkshire)- Jon
Granada (HUB)- Jo/Kerrie/Emma
Wales- Ruth/Kelsey/Kate (Lewis)
West Country- Bob/ Kate (Haskell) (part time)
Central- Des
Anglia (HUB)- Aisling/Chris
London (HUB)- Martin
Meridian (HUB)- Holly/Philippa
Channel- Sophia
National (HUB)- Becky/Lucy/Manali/Amanda/Alex
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So he's new to ITV and already thrown in at the deep end having to cover other regions.

He did better than some cover presenters do with lots of maps, some spend lots of time on weather photos and chatter, show general trend UK maps, show just one local map and then the outlook, and talk in the most general terms not mentioning any place names.

He had a few weeks training with Aisling from Anglia and then covered Yorkshire for the weekdays between Christmas and New Year. Then he had Anglia x2, Central x2 and Wales on New Years Eve.

A busy start for Chris!
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Im not sure if Kelsey is still doing the weather on ITV Wales. I haven't seen her for a while doing the weather. Recently its been Ruth or Kate Lewis during the week and when cover is needed its usually Helen or Amanda. On weekends its generally Helen or Amanda but sometimes James Wright or Chris Page from Anglia.

I thought Kerrie and Emma did the North weekend hub between them, almost 50/50. I didn't know it was Emma most weekends.
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Tonight on ITV Wales we had Becky doing the weather. Very rare indeed, its usually Lucy or Amanda on the occasions when someone from the national team is covering.

Meridian also had Becky doing the forecast.

I guess it makes sense for one of the national team to cover all regions that don't have a presenter on a particular day, rather than someone random from another region covering. That doesn't seem to happen much anymore, I think the last time in Wales was when Jon Mitchell presented just before Christmas (not including the Anglia presenters who have done the weekend weather hub a few times I think)
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Since the graphics switchover, I've only seen full-screen "weather warning" slides - never weather warnings plotted on the map. That's not very effective where there are different warnings of different severity in place for different geographical areas - e.g. Wednesday where there are 2 amber warnings and a yellow in place - I don't know how you can effectively communicate that without showing it on a map.

Edit - I wonder if part of the agreement between the Met Office and Meteogroup is that Met Office information will never been shown alongside Meteogroup information, which might prevent them from using the Metogroup map to show Met Office warnings?

Edit edit - Ignore all of the above, they're certainly plotting the warnings on the map this afternoon.
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Edit edit - Ignore all of the above, they're certainly plotting the warnings on the map this afternoon.

Yes, but 17:30's forecast wasn't without it's problems either...


Thanks for the reminder that I could be screwed tomorrow!

At least the warning area is accurate. It changed a few hours ago and when I last checked Sky News, they were still showing the old warning area. Only found out when I went to the Met Office.
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