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Does this mean TVC3 will be free to record stuff from 3pm onwards and at weekends?
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They’ve already downsized the desk once before. The current desk is fit for purpose and the right size for 3 presenters

Id totally forgotten there was a 4th presenter! Does anyone know the current GMBemployment status of Sean?

He doesn't present the sports news at ~6:35am any more - instead, whoever is reading the 'normal news' simply reads out a sports-related story or two at the end of the bulletin before going back to the main presenters. For the past few months, all I have seen of him is a very occasional stand-in newsreader. You're lucky if you see him a couple of times in a month now.
Guess who's big in the back time.
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Same happened with Dan Lobb they brought him in as sports editor at GMTV then he slowly disappeared and became a stand in presenter for both GMTV & Daybreak. Sports editor for ITV Breakfast has always been a wasted salary
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Obviously we don't know how they are going to divide TVC3 for This Morning and Good Morning Britain, but with the size of studio three being around 8000 sq ft I'd imagine that GMB will have more space to play with (the current studio is 2268 sq ft). I liked the small interview area at launch, maybe they could create a separate area for interviews again with either tall chairs around a high table or chairs around a coffee.

I wonder why they didn't give This Morning TVC2 and not have GMB/Lorraine/Loose Women in TVC3.
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