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AxG Yorkshire Look North (Yorkshire)
Think Channel 4, have invested in new idents.*
* Not really, just something from The Last Leg.
ToasterMan and paul_hadley gave kudos
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It's great concept!
PFMC84 UTV Newsline
I'd almost prefer it to the giant block man idents really! It would be a good idea for alternative style idents of bumpers for E4 if it re-branded.
Rex London London
AxG posted:
Think Channel 4, have invested in new idents.*
* Not really, just something from The Last Leg.

Reminds me of Quest's previous ident set.
davidhorman Channel Channel Islands
You'll never believe what the anno on Channel 4 has just done. He's only gone and said "My Migrant Millionaire Boss," when the title card says "My Millionaire Migrant Boss"! Cuh, what are they like!
gottago London London
Some lovely new idents coming soon celebrating 100 years of women being able to vote.

fanoftv Central (West) Midlands Today
Bravo to channel 4 and those women for taking part. Exactly the sort of thing Channel 4 should be doing.
A former member
I take it, it will first appear tomorrow?
Larry the Loafer Granada North West Today
Not sure if anybody noticed, or cared, but it seems Fosters' tenure of sponsoring comedy on Channel 4 has come to an end, being replaced by sponsor stings for Coors.
paul_hadley and bilky asko gave kudos
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Edit: Channel aired a promo about 100 years of the women's vote etc, then went straight new ident as there look above. There are in the style of last years "types of 4"
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tesandco Founding member Granada North West Today
For those who missed it, quite a nicely put together trailer - definitely very much in the style of what you'd expect from Channel 4!

If anything the only minor niggle (and it is definitely only a minor one) was the slightly jarring way the announcer still had to tack on the content warning and that it was a premiere on the end of the ident. Given this was presumably specially pre-recorded for this film, it seems a bit odd not to have included them in the original filmed script. Or someone just forgot! Embarassed
TV Whirl - Still covering UK idents, presentation, teletext and programmes after 19 years
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No surprises The simpson get one of these idents.

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