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Do wonder though if they just recreated their current set with CSO windows whether anyone would really notice.

To be honest it's probably their access to the South Bank they'll miss far more - with no Blue Peter garden and the doughnut presumably being required for access to the other properties I guess they won't have any outdoor space to use at all.
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An issue with the autocue just after the TOTH at 7am resulted in a quite a long pause in which Ben and Kate just stared down the camera looking a bit lost. Either one of them really ought to have been able to have ad-libbed until the autocue got sorted out. Saying anything (date, time, generic coming up, etc.) would have been better than the silence that occurred.
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Ah the days of writing in to programmes such as Swap Shop, Blue Peter or Points of View: BBC Television Centre, Wood Lane, London W12 8QT. How sad times have moved on from Pebble Mill and ATV Centre/Central House. Anyone fancy writing to ITV Breakfast c/o BBC TV Centre? Laughing
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Has ITV announced a date yet of when The London Studios will close and when Good Morning Britain
along with Lorraine, This Morning and Loose Women will start production at Television Centre?

More to the point, has ITV got (or when did ITV get) planning permission to redevelop the site on the South Bank?
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Is there something special happening tomorrow?

Have you been following the news today? If so there was a march this weekend that might cause 'comedy fireworks' between Piers and Susanna? (Pier is a noted feminist after all...)

** Or maybe the football - as someone else pointed out... **
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