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Is that what happens on the core bbc one feed then you get that ident because that’s so much classier then the oneness rubbish

That's what we see on the clean feed between programmes.
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Another ECP failure - this time at the end of Homes Under the Hammer this morning on BBC ONE NI:


No idea what the hell happened there. But if you look carefully at the closing credits, you'll notice that at 7 seconds, the credits jump ahead about 2 seconds and at 23 seconds in, about 2 seconds of the credits is repeated (when we rejoin the original BBC One feed). This looks like the two points where the ECP should've started and finished. Instead of the ECP, it looks like we cut to a different feed of BBC One - one which was lagging behind by about 2 seconds. But then the ECP kicks in at the end. Very odd.
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Rob Brydon just trailed Would I Lie To You? as being on BBC One and BBC One HD. How long has it been since that was in common usage?

And Frank Skinner's trail for 'Room 101' ended with an awkward silence of about 5 seconds or so. Even the announcer on BBC One NI made a comment along the lines of: "I expected to hear some audience applause there".
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UTV Newsline

That person who made the mock should hang their heads in shame for thinking that putting the National Anthem over Boring and Bland Oneness was a good idea!

I think that person was being ironic...
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Breakdown right at the start of Question Time, and no apology from the announcer despite the fact she was right there one second earlier.

Standards of presentation on BBC One gets worse by the day

Tony Currie apologised twice on BBC Scotland before advising they could now join the programme. Scotland viewers saw a brief shot of the BBC “Screensaver” and weather graphic just before joining QT.
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I'm not sure the BBC should be apologising for losing Question Time, it should be getting praised for it instead.

A strong one for anoraks like me there. That very odd backing track of waves, then a cut to the BBC logo (which I assume is a clean feed), and an empty weather map, and then over to Question Time itself.

Scotland very quick to realise there was an issue and to keep people informed. Network just went blank for a bit.
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By rewinding on iPlayer, both Scotland and Wales managed to have apologies from the announcer as well as the trickling water breakdown track. It's time shifted on NI so they were unaffected.

Network had pure silence.
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