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I like the new graphics on the screen to display the papers, adding those coloured squares down the side makes it less boring and I like the animation when swiping through the front pages.

I like that they go full screen so we get a chance to read some of the larger text.

How is it less formal?

I would prefer the desk to go a little bit lower as well - however the more soft lighting is a big improvement and that in itself I think makes it look a little less formal.

Surely the desk still cannot be broken however? It must be an editorial decision since they've had two months to fix the desk which is plenty you'd have thought.

I'm really impressed by the changes made to the glass box overall though - it's not perfect but feels far far far more like a studio than it did.
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The words Emperors New Clothes spring to mind....

I couldn't have put it better myself.

I'm underwhelmed and cannot help but think that this really is a missed opportunity to be different. Having invested in new studios, a new automated newsroom and so on, I'm surprised that the presentation wasn't overhauled. One of the first things that really caught my interest - from a presentation point of view - was when the BBC introduce the glass coat of arms in the early 90s and unified the brand. When ITN moved to Grays Inn Road and News at Ten was overhauled not long afterwards, I was enthralled. This was much more different to the way that things had been done until then. Equally, the entire Sky branding from 1993-1995, the tombstones (1995-1997) and then from 2001-2005 were superb; there was consistency and when cosmetic changes were made to sets, studios, newsrooms, etc., the branding and presentation changed too.

Since then...it’s been a mishmash of branding, graphics and presentation. There has been no real consistency. I think it's fair to say that most of us are interested in the visual aspects of presentation because of something we've seen on air, something that's caught our attention. Today's 'relaunch' (for want of a better phrase) will not capture the attention of tomorrow's presentation fans. Other than a new studio, a slight change to the lower thirds and the logo... What is there? I'm asking myself where the new logo is, where the new graphic elements are, where the new music is, where the different colour palette is. I know that you shouldn’t change something for change's sake, but every so often, a change can do you good.

Of course, a lot of it is restrained by the branding of Sky as a whole. I'm not convinced by the logos and presentation on any of the Sky channels; they lack the flair and ingenuity of previous Sky logos/branding
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Can someone explain what the 'automated newsroom' is?

I’m guessing it’s this:


That's for printed news articles rather than broadcast ones. Quite a few websites have articles generated by computers, but doing that with a TV news report is a very different matter

TV News galleries have had automation for years, as have studios. As we all know, the BBC have utilised a lot of automation in their studios in Broadcasting House

This is what Sky announced they were doing a couple of years ago:

Isn't that basically how BBC News has been running since 2013? How it this a "first" if Sky are doing it?

Also, looking at Papers now, the background behind the guests is dull as ever, stairs and a wall... hmmm
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Here we go with probably the most low key Launch of a new studio ever....at midnight

First impressions I don't like it but we are on a static close up camera shot so I'll reserve judgement until 6am Laughing

I think it would look nicer if the backdrop went the whole way down behind the presenter I don't see what the white line adds to anything
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