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10 minutes to go - anyone for predictions

I predict
Changed TOTH (but nothing revolutionary)
More use of lowercase graphics instead of all uppercase
Tweaks to breaking news graphics
Little changes to music
Increased use of red.
EastEngland541 posts since 3 Jun 2017
[quote="skynewsfreak" pid="1096061" The website address has also moved down, leaving a small part of the clock visible.

I don't think that the website address has moved down, I think the white bar is slightly higher and that's shifted the ticker up a little - note that the website bar is overlaid rather than part of the graphics.

Therefore I'd suggest that they've not changed the website bar but the underlaying graphics have, possibly they are now coming from the new gallery not the old.

Remember that when this set of graphics launched, the opposite problem existed with the website bar being out of alignment the other way.
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