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Hardly good though for their news reputation - that is supposed to be the shows point of difference.

Oprah's background is in the daytime format, but she actually does have a lot of credibility from a journalistic perspective, so there's no issue from that point of view. The main challenge would be getting her to commit at this stage in her career. Huge for CBS if she says yes.
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Hardly good though for their news reputation - that is supposed to be the shows point of difference.

She has the same if not more experience than Gayle King tbh. Iirc when CTM started she only presented on the 2nd hour.
Huge for CBS if she says yes.

This is a laughable "Page 6" click bait article.
Yes multi billionaire Oprah who turned down 100m to do one extra season of her talk show is definitely going to cut back on running her massive media company and producing/acting in her own movies to present a daily morning news show.
The equivalent would be Richard Branson taking over from Steph on the business bulletins on BBC Breakfast
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Well lets be clear, both Oprah and Gayle have background in local news. King worked for 18 years (1982-2000) as a television news anchor for CBS affiliate WFSB-TV in Hartford, Conn. Both made eventual forays into daytime talks shows to various successes. And Im not touting for Oprah to take the CTM anchor chair. Buts lets not degenerate their background and journalistic experiences, to just being only daytime talkshow hosts.

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Isn't CBS This Morning a double female presentation team now after Charlie Rose also found himself marched towards the career exit door of dubious behaviour?

Not permanently. They are still rotating the third chair between their CBSN/CBS News correspondents and anchors from New York City's WCBS

Still no word on replacement yet, but CBS has apparently been "begging" Oprah to come on board. It'll be quite a coup for CBS if that happens and Gayle gets to be with her best friend every weekday

Oprah also is a "60 Minutes" contributor. But so far, she has yet to appear on CTM as a presenter
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To kick off the new year NBC has again updated the NBC TODAY open. Gone is the flash and the 3D 30 ROCK. Now its all squares and a flat design with orange and white and includes images of their historic HQ.
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I picture this as an intermediary open. February sweeps and the Olympics are coming up so change maybe on the horizon. They’ve had the current graphics since September 2013 with a few tweaks here and there - probably the biggest was when they stopped shooting for the 4:3 safezone and set the AFD flag to letterbox it in SD.

However it’s not the worst design decision they had in the past decade:

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Are there any news programmes in the US that cater for those who *don’t* have ADHD and would rather watch something without ridiculous graphics and hideous transitions between different clips?

Sadly so much of the stuff you see on air from graphics, to outfits, to content are all researched heavily. All that stuff usually comes from a “C” word that sends chills to news directors and journalists — consultants.

Right now I think the closest to any sort of minimalistic or even European style presentation is the new TEGNA graphics. While I have some qualms about the rollout and style guides (random use of colors - before in the previous generation graphics the colors coordinated to the USA Today color codes) I think with some more tweaks it would make it so much better.
Don’t let anyone treat you like you’re a VO/SOT when you’re a PKG.