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This is a pretty big screw up, Surly the live CA would notice the mistake?

Are Channel 5 still live nowadays? It's more a Media Planning error than the CA, they just voice whatever is requested on the Continuity plan or briefed.

I have seen tweets from people who control ch5, and there is I believe live people in the evening.
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Something just not right here, There have xmas promos which people a merry xmas, there even have the xmas break bumpers, so how is that possible yet forgot to use the idents?
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Er... so 5Prime's launch has been put on hold till Spring and it will no longer be called 5Prime. They're rethinking the strategy and look.


Having a channel called 5Prime could sort of undermine the main channel by implying it's full of leftovers or rubbish.

Or someone from Paramount Network in the US phoned them up and reminded them they're supposed to be launching a joint partnership TV channel this year!