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I remember quite a long time ago on this forum, where someone was against double headed returning to Sky News, because it would make it hard work to change scripts etc just for mixed single and double headed presenation, yet we now have a situation where there’s double headed presentation every weekday, and that it’s easily changed to single if two presenters are not available.

Just shows anything can be done if people are bothered to overcome challenges.
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I'm hoping that they make more use of the atrium space when the glass box returns. Perhaps a large video screen that can be raised and lowered into the atrium view, better accent lighting in the office areas and some softer areas in Sky Central that they can broadcast from?
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Do they really need to present from outside Westminster at this hour and this time of year? I'm guessing they'll do the press preview outside too. Let's hope the torrential rain that's hitting some of the south doesn't reach London by midnight.
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Press Preview and Anna are outside.

Ridiculous, if it's because it's easier to get guests after the Budget there than Sky HQ just use Millbank as it's less than five minutes walk!
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Screen in the shoebox has now had a blue themed background Sky News graphics added similar to the one on the big screen in place of the white background one with just a logo, looks far better now and doesn't look out of place as it did before.
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i don’t understand so this old studio started in 2005 which replaced the original that started in 1989 what happened to the original 1989 studio? and now we are in the glass box, so I am guessing in the history of Sky News this is the third studio?

I guess I'm becoming a little reminiscent as I get older, but I really liked the last iteration of the first studio (complete with the slightly garish, tabloid graphics that Sky News became quite well known for).

I'm sure it was seen as quite groundbreaking at the time - the use of a newswall (the original one) - and the very effective breaking news transition which would turn the wall red behind the presenters.

Sure it was cosy, but I always felt what followed (and what's about to be disposed of) felt a bit too big, showy and cold.

If you'll allow a bit of indulgence, I think this was one my favourite era of Sky News:

I'd have it on late in the background whilst madly trying to finish uni coursework, with Gordon Radley keeping me company though the night.
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