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To get this back on topic. In today's Ofcom Broadcast report Channel 5 is the subject of one of the most thorough investigations Ofcom have launched. Almost all of this report is devoted to an episode of Can’t Pay? We’ll Take it Away! on 20 April 2016.

Ofcom have found against the Channel and the write up extends to 41 pages.

see here ……..

30-Oct-2017 @ 21:31
TellyTime155 posts since 9 Jan 2017
Most pointless rebrand ever, and better as it was.

I don't like the way they are formatting the written names as 5STAR and 5Spike.

It should be 5STAR and 5SPIKE or 5Star and 5Spike.
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Am I the only one being neutral about this change?

Yes, 5Spike may not sound as nice as just Spike, but at least it makes more sense to have 5Spike, especially when Spike's website is basically part of the Channel 5 one

It'll now be stronger in the family of "5", as a contrast against women-skewed 5Star
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