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ITV Idents (Post Christmas)

(January 2014)

JetixFann450 Central Reporting Scotland
Everyone needs to just stop with this ITV1 balargo. ITV is a well recognisable brand and doesn't need a number slapped on the end of it.
Do you even read these?
A former member
This thread is literally going round in circles

That BBC one Wink
tomo359 Border (England)
ITV1 aside, the whole ITV needs a new rebrand, as the current graphics package/idents/stings are getting to the 4 year mark. The only channel that has presentation a bit newer is ITV2 but it's still old.

Of course it doesn't need a rebrand...since when does 4 years mean a network/channel must rebrand? There is nothing wrong with the look of both ITV the channel and network and it still looks fresh and modern.
At most they might change channel idents but I can't see that happening for at least another 3 years or so as they can just keep adding to the set to keep it fresh.

It does still look fresh and contemporary, but the idents are just a big letdown in my opinion, especially the Christmas ones which the same video footage replayed year after year. I know that they seem quite popular but theres no imagination.

But then again, I still miss the yellow era logo and idents, but I disliked it when they made the logo glossy. My favourite look is still the 2002 with the celebrity idents, and I know some thought it was tacky but the whole looked packed a punch.

I agree the Christmas idents are pretty bland, especially the fact they keep using the same ones. Christmas should be the one time of year to break away from the norm and do something a bit special.

I quite liked the Nov 2006 look for ITV, I also didn't mind the glossy look for HD, although they ruined the logo integration in the idents which was a shame. One thing I never understood was when they introduced the new idents (chinese lanterns, dodgems, sunflowers etc), why didn't they create some new music for the original idents instead of continue to use the bland music they had.
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Just incase it past everyone its been 15 years to the day everything doon south become "ITV1

fanoftv Central (West) Midlands Today
That's instantly made me feel old.
That and the fact Radio 1 mentioned that it's 20 years since the Spice Girls second album 'spice world' was released.
VMPhil Granada North West Today
I happened to be watching that morning when the launch promo came on at 9.25. This was before I knew about TV Home and TV Forum, so it was a real surprise to find out about a new look.

That launch promo is still very well edited and coupled with the soundtrack almost suggests that the content ITV was putting out at the time was higher brow than it actually was.
VMPhil Granada North West Today
Also, do I recall there being a strange rule initially that you weren’t allowed to use an ident featuring someone that was in the following programme?
dbl London London
I liked the launch promo, but the idents let the package down. Compared to similar concepts from Channel 7 in Australia at the time, they look not as well produced.


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Strange thing is, it's the closest we're ever had to unformed look on ITv, Of course it took Scottish/Grampian another two months to catch up. Everyone took the look: I think STV did something better with it, it used local people, and maybe ITV should have used more local idents thought the day?

I still love this ident, used mainly for the news, Expect lunchtimes when the cloud one was used.
Kunst World News
Meh, I'm not a fan of this "celebrities" concept in whatever form it is (I almost prefer a simple menu as an ident; something they eventually did), but I'm even less a fan of celebrities+ that "7" jingle:

This kind of jingles is popular on French, Australian TV etc. but sounds cheesy, if not cheap
Andrew Wood Founding member Central (West) Midlands Today
Special promo for the 'Just Eat' app.

dbl London London
I guess this replaces the previous sponsorship intros

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