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Unlikely places for TV pres on YT or other sites.

Don't post videos per say, post ideas and places (October 2017)

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This may be a strange one but Where do people look to try and find hidden tv pres which are in plain sight?
Where are those place you never thought to sport TV pres? are places you have looked and find stuff? was it more in the sports or more in random video

It opens with an episode of Hear hear, nothing tv pres-y here but go to the end and jackpot.

Here is some Grampian CA, not listed
Neil Jones Founding member
I think most people upload to YouTube for the programmes (and adverts), not for the fact it has some obscure piece of ident sandwiched between two programmes or advertisement blocks.

I don't doubt there is probably a load of "hidden" idents on YouTube but that involves watching and "spooling" (not literally, you know what I mean) through every video that looks like an off-air recording. Could be time consuming and videos can and do disappear off YouTube very quickly for various reasons.
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I know what you mean, Ive looked up other things and come across them by shock. I was just wondering if it was more like Sports or adverts or programmes that got a better chance? Of course when programmes get uploaded it sometimes helps there have ITV or BBC area who made it.
It's always worth exploring the collections of football fans who have shared their archives of news report recordings featuring the teams they support: they can sometimes indicate when regional news programmes changed their presentation styles, among other things.

One example is a Swindon Town supporter's channel with lots of BBC Points West/HTV News clips:
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