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New logo for BBC West for use on Twitter and Facebook. Would be a good brand to use on screen.

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It appears the budget for Inside Out SW doesn't include covert cameras. The 'covert' filming inside a care home appeared to be somebody getting their iPhone out and leaving it on portrait.

As basic as it sounds, it’s a very easy way of doing it. The key to undercover recording is how you can easily get away with it rather than cost.

If you need to film in a care home, getting in to do it and set the cameras up is obviously not something you’ve hours to rig, plus staff may go “that clock wasn’t there earlier”.

The joy of phones is that they’d produce an image far greater than covert cameras plus people wouldn’t think twice about a phone sitting out.
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Westcountry Spotlight
I'm sure there's a brilliantly W1A reason why they're reintroducing regional brands (when was the last time we had that?) while making the local radio 'station sound' as bland and generic as possible.

Or it could be that this is phase 1 of a regional/local rebranding project and the local radio stations will follow later.