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Although last year's Christmas day idents introduced the oneness concept, and were pretty well received.

I particularly like the girl who sticks her tongue out!!

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Firstly, what an utter mess. BBC One is (supposed) to be the flagship channel of the British Broadcasting Corporation. It's also (supposed) to be the UK's flagship channel. It should set the bar and precident for on screen professionalism and quality. With the utter rubbish Fisherprice Oneness idents mixed in with the return of Kites and now a Strictly circles-inspired ident... what's next, someone thinking a hot air balloon with a print of the World on it floating over New Broadcasting House is new and original? The whole thing is an utter disgrace and who ever is in charge of commissioning what is currently going out should be ashamed, I'm sorry to say.

Don't bring back Circles, Rhythm and Movement, the Balloon, the Clock, a nativity scene spinning around on a turntable or BBC Two idents almost as old as me - actually do what every other broadcaster does around the world and see what's being done ident-wise internationally, get inspiration for a new look or bring in a proper creative agency to brand, align and revamp the channels for a 21st century, modern, savvy audience. The BBC cannot be that cash strapped they can't afford to properly brand their channels or roll out a set of new, modern, fresh and acceptable idents across One, Two and Four?

There are those of us who are in charge of commissioning and/or even making idents or imaging for radio and television who take pride in our channels or stations being the best they can be, being on brand, current and eye or ear catching. I have to ask the BBC, where's the pride and love gone - can we please have it back.

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Saying go back to the balloons or the globe would be fun but when it comes down to it, it's going back to the past and may not suit the programming BBC One shows today. (This is similar to BBC Two really, I love those idents but the channel needs something more contemporary to suit the programmes it shows now).

But the current idents seem so inferior to those previous packages, and the idea that using a 20 year old ident would be preferable to something made this year is kind of bonkers, but in this instance seems true.

I've no hatred against Mr Parr, but his work is not suited for television idents IMO.
The amusing thing is a Strictly Oneness ident could probably work better than most of the set, with the couples dancing in, all dressed up on the set, posing for a few seconds before dancing off as the camera pulls out.

Instead, they decided to do one in the old style...

If they done it in the way you suggest, where you can see the actual personalities/professional dancers clearly identifiable in it, then it would render the ident usable for a single series only. This can be used for next year and so on.