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Costa & Coop p68: Repeats on ITV3: Are there too many spoilers? (June 2016)

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A lovely Coronation Street trailer made its debut on ITV this evening:

Beautifully done!
DJ Dave
Love the little hints to Granada on the Camera's and on the jackets on set etc.
Lovely promo!
A wonderful level of detail and a clever promotion that felt very heartwarming when watching.
It really is fantastically detailed and gives a great nod to its history.
That promo is stunning! So much unnecessary effort for it- obviously made with a lot of love for the show and its past. Wouldn't surprise me if they'd gone to the effort of shooting at Quay Street for it, the gallery certainly looks like the Corrie gallery from the tour.
What a fabulous promo! And so accurately done!

The dress of the cameramen and directors per decade is spot on.

And they've even got the Granada logo era by era pretty much spot on too. If you pause, you'll see the Granada logo and the Granada G logo on the side of cameras, on some document files and even on a mug!
The accuracy and attention to detail looks like something inspired by a TV Forumer's fantasy. Laughing

I'm sure it was wasted on most of the "great unwashed"
Square Eyes Founding member
Some detail about the promo from the ITV Press Centre :

This Friday sees the launch of a major new campaign for Coronation Street. It takes the viewer back through 57 years of the soap opera, recreating iconic scenes as they were filmed in a celebration of Britain’s most popular continuing drama.

Created from an idea by Executive Creative Director Tony Pipes and directed by Caswell Coggins, the film depicts iconic scenes from each decade of the soap, showing not only the scenes themselves but also the craft involved in creating the moments we see being filmed.

Some of the scenes were recreated on the Coronation Street set whilst classic sets were recreated at Shepperton Studios by acclaimed art director Matt Gant (Life on Mars, Endeavour). The costumes were created by the award winning Michelle Mays (John Lewis – Always a Woman) using archive photography and footage and references from the soap’s archivist Helen Nugent. Actors were cast to match the original performances and emulate the moments featured.

Tony Pipes, ECD of ITV Creative, said ‘Coronation Street has a unique place in British popular culture. Everyone has a favourite scene, a memorable moment and the chance to recreate some of these was a beautiful adventure.’

Sarah Tobias, Head of Marketing and Media at ITV, said, ‘Coronation Street is on brilliant form at the moment, regularly gaining over 40% audience share, so now seemed like the perfect time to celebrate the soap. We hope viewers love reliving these classic Corrie moments as much as we have loved recreating them.’

Kieran Roberts, Executive Producer of Coronation Street, said, ‘We're delighted to have such a brilliant marketing campaign celebrating Coronation Street's past, present and future. These promos are simply stunning and I'm sure viewers will love them as much as they love Corrie itself.’

The film will launch on Friday 18th August on ITV and will run on the channel into next year.
Mike W
Love the little hints to Granada on the Camera's and on the jackets on set etc.

I really like this, I also like the fact it's not all 'period correct' - for example in the edit suite with Deidre on trial there's two folders on the monitor bank, one with a more up to date logo and one with an older logo - adds to the realism.

Fantastically crafted trailer, well done ITV! I only hope they don't now milk it and have a discussion about it on GMB, This Morning, Loose Women and a feature on the news. The trailer speaks for itself.
I'm sure it shows them using video cameras on a location scene that was actually done on film too!
Creative Review has some information and a behind the scenes video.

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