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But Granada is well known world wide. If you go to Spain the only channel you get is Granada
No. Charlotte is not needed and Shaun is not needed. This has been proven with the two host format. Sean definitely isn't needed as he's never there and when he is he has about a three minute segment. It's like when GMTV brought in Dan Lobb he ended up hosting the show a lot of the time. Sports person simply isn't needed for GMB. They used to get Daniel Lewis from the mirror into daybreak version Sep 2012 onwards on the programme to talk all about the sports with Matt Barbet and I really enjoyed that.
No. Charlotte is not needed and Shaun is not needed.

Perhaps In your opinion. And it isn't hard to get Sean's name right.
Can't wait for Richard to host love the guy! He's actually a legend for what he's done for daytime TV on ITV. He made This Morning an absolute success. Also made Granada very famous. I really like his interview technique. Will be great to see him back in action on GMB. It's amazing how one person can make you tune in or tune out of a TV show. I shall be tuning back in tomorrow morning to see the giant himself work with Ranvir who is also excellent as we all know. Both will have a lot in common too with them both being previous regional news presenters in the north west. Two very genuine people I look forward to 6am tomorrow.

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Damn. You caught me out. Just enjoying a nice bottle of red with Judy now
all new Phil
Lets look at it from the target audience's POV? They will see Kyle as another loudmouth, just like Piers, regardless if one is a journalist and the other isn't.

He's a capable presenter who can adlib, ask questions off the cuff and unlike Morgan doesn't seem to be deliberately pressing the buttons of viewers to wind them up on a daily basis and is more credible than Ben Shepherd who has fluff written all over him, not helped by his GMTV past.

JK is as tabloid as Morgan, but doesn't have the press background.

Exactly. Finally somebody gets it. Their main presenter is an opinionated loudmouth - where is the logic in covering him with someone beige and inoffensive?
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Incidentally, Kyle does have a sort of press background, he was a columnist for The Sun after he got his tv gig and has written two books which are right-wing skewed.

Demographic wise, his own show is bang on target for GMB.
Jeremy wouldn't be able to replace PM he has a too heavy work schedule. So has anyone come up with a decent replacement for PM? No didn't think so
Jeremy wouldn't be able to replace PM he has a too heavy work schedule. So has anyone come up with a decent replacement for PM? No didn't think so

Probably because there isn't anyone within ITV that would make a good replacement as away from News bulletins ITV has very little that requires a presenter with any journalistic background, and many of the presenters of the news bulletins have done very little away from the News Desk in terms of presenting.
If they were looking for a permanent replacement they would presumably have the money to attract someone away from another employer something that is never going to be possible when the only guarantee is for summer cover (very few people are going to leave secure employment for a 4 week contract).
Steve in Pudsey
If the criteria is opinionated loudmouth with a newspaper column and some presenting experience you could do a lot worse than Jeremy Clarkson.

By a lot worse, I of course refer to Katie Hopkins.
It's Kate not Ranvir with him today and tomorrow guys ^^ Ranvir is for the last week !
Can someone please tell Richard it's back to being called ITV and hasn't been ITV1 for a couple of years now

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