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I'm not sure I'd call X-Cars a classic. I mean, it's basically still around as Traffic Cops or any of the other clones.

I made the mistake of finding Virtual Murder on YouTube a few weeks ago. It wasn't nearly as good as I remembered it being. An interesting try, though, and the kind of thing that makes me wish someone would try bringing The Avengers back, though I imagine the rights might be all over the shop.
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Anyone know the name of the ITV comedy drama set in Slough with a female lead who was a bus driver and had a slightly high pitched voice?

Jane Hall

TUGS - despite the massive online fanbase, the touring models and the connections to Thomas the Tank Engine and Salty's Lighthouse, never seems to get a repeat or even a DVD release

Going Straight - the one-series spinoff from Porridge
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Tugs was made by TVS, and its production company went out of business, no idea who owns the rights now.
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I think the Wikipedia entry is wrong as it says Vo Fletcher only appeared occasionally and Watchdog was present from series one. I seem to recall Vo appeared in every episode during the first series, was part of the presenter line up and was based in the part of the set where Watchdog later appeared in series two onwards.

I remember someone contacting Milkshake and asking where Vo had gone after series one and the presenter said something along the lines of 'Watchdog's come to visit' without giving an answer about what really happened to him. Did he leave or was he pushed?
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