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[quote:0542625126="Skygeek" pid="1064320"]Yes, the desk on the right of that photo will be home to Lewis Goodall (context specialist) and Ed Conway (numbers specialist), giving Ed the ability to jump up when necessary from the big screen.

The touchscreen to the left of the desk will relay social media updates, fronted by Jayne Secker, and the rows of desks behind will be home to our psephologist, Prof Michael Thrasher, and the results team (including me).

We hope the simple but visually-compelling set-up will rival and excel all the VR whizz-bangery and Jeremy Vine-ness on other channels.[/quote:0542625126]
I think that sky news will be the best choice for the election coverage
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Sorry if it's already been discussed, but is there a reason Sky are not showing the opinion polls as they did last time in 2015?

Here's an article where the mayor broadcasters were all asked about using polling this year and why they're choosing not to obsess over them in the same way: http://nordic.businessinsider.com/bbc-itv-channel-4-channel-5-and-sky-news-shun-election-polls-2017-6

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based on that 1 image I like the look of what they have done.

Is that a completely new desk?

Its sad to think this is the last event to come from sky news centre. they are replacing a large open space like that for a box and a smallish studio space.

The giant laptop is far superior to the screen in the box
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My desk is in the corner by Lewis' elbow in the bottom pic. Take a drink every time you see me. Last one standing gets a tour of the new newsroom when it opens!

(... and if my bosses are reading this... I'm kidding!)
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I like it. It's nice and simple. Are the stack of 8'screens behind the desk the ones that were typically up on top of the second level? Looks like an attempt to block off the gallery.

While I can't speak to whether the monitors came from upstairs, I can say they're more than just set dressing.

Every quadrant of each monitor will - at one point or another - have live incoming video from constituency counts. Supervisors with earpieces will be patrolling the studio floor and will - for example - tap me on the shoulder and say: "Feed 216... Sunderland South". I then bash that into my special keypad to get it up on my own TV and await the result declaration through my headphones, which I then hastily enter into our software system to get it on-screen ASAP.

It's a bit of a tightrope, so please cross your fingers for me and the team. We aim to do you proud!
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