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London London
You're welcome.

The 'oh ...until Breakfast, here's the BBC News Channel' at the end. I take it you intentionally said it in this way in order to fill time to get the duration up to 30"(!).

That dog walker and his/her dog on the other side of the lake, on the right. I wonder if that was staged or just allowed to happen as filming took place?

I also wonder if tandem cyclists (typically) really are seen riding in that Belfast park?
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Yes, it was scripted and rehearsed that way. Ad-libs at 0140 wouldn't be a great idea.

No idea about the dog walker, however it is a very popular park.

The tandem cycling group really do ride through Victoria Park and along the Connswater Greenway.
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UTV Newsline
Forest used leading into the BBC News at One with mute soundtrack. Presumably, the sound of birds tweeting was deemed inappropriate.

Tweeting birds are deemed inappropriate now!? Jesus - yeah, way too jolly that. Impeccable judgement as always in London.

Common sense prevailed on BBC NI.
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