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ITV abandons the South Bank

(February 2017)

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Do these bookings for TVC mean then that TLS as we know it will be on its way out before the end of 2017?
The London Studios will be in operation right up until Spring 2018, as I am sure they have bookings to honour for shows for the rest of the year. Production companies plan way ahead for studio space, so I don't think they will be closing in 2017. Spring 2018 it will be.

"I swear if they bolt a "BBC Studioworks @ Television Centre" on the side of the building instead of the regular BBC logo..."

Well Whataday, the term BBC Television Centre is not used any more. It is simply called Television Centre. The BBC sold it all to Stanhope Developers. They are maintaining a reduced presence in the three studios which has not been bulldozed and will operate from September.

However BBC Studioworks will own them, not the BBC, BBC Studioworks is a separate entity, owned by their commercial arm BBC Worldwide, (which is also based at Television Centre complex). So I have heard it will be BBC Studios at Television Centre.
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The Times are reporting that ITV Daytime are leasing TCs 2 and 3 from BBC Studioworks for ITV Daytime (alongside using TC1 for recording Jonathan Ross).

The Times also reports that they are leasing space for the ITV Daytime production teams in Stanhope's WestWorks site - which is the re-developed BBC White City One (formerly just known as White City) building. It's just up Wood Lane from TV Centre.

AIUI TC2 didn't have a dedicated gallery in the initial TVC re-opening plans - so it may well be TC2 and TC3 will share a gallery for iTV Daytime shows - which makes a huge amount of sense IF they can organise schedules to suit.

This is one report I've read in the Times - though the TC2 rumours had been rumbling for a while.
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I can already picture the constant reminiscing Phillip Schofield will be doing. Unbearable.
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Great. The article linked above, uses MediaCity as the header photograph, instead of a far more useful image of Television centre.

Also, interesting that GMB isn't mentioned as moving into TC2/3.

Also, interesting that GMB isn't mentioned as moving into TC2/3.

It is mentioned in the Times piece
Inspector Sands
For those of us who don't pay for The Times, what does it say?
"Live from BBC studios in London, this is Good Morning Britain" Very Happy
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For those of us who don't pay for The Times, what does it say?

Here's the full article.

ITV has struck a deal to lease studios at BBC Television Centre in White City during the redevelopment of its own television centre on the South Bank in London.

It is understood to have signed a deal with BBC Studioworks to lease Studios 2 and 3, where it plans to record daytime shows including Good Morning Britain, Lorraine, This Morning and Loose Women. The Jonathan Ross Show will be recorded in Studio 1, whose outer wall is emblazoned with the listed white BBC Television Centre sign.

ITV is also close to signing a deal with Stanhope, which is redeveloping Television Centre, to lease about 27,000 sq ft of office space at the West Works building, which will open this summer, for Daytime staff.

It is thought that ITV will inform staff soon of the proposed move, which is likely to happen early next year when it vacates its South Bank site. It announced at the start of the year that it planned to demolish its television centre and create a new headquarters that would bring all its London staff under one roof for the first time. ITV has occupied the site since 1972 and this month lodged a report proposing a new HQ and television centre with studios and a 38-storey residential tower.

ITV has already said that some of its staff would be relocated to Skype’s former office in Holborn during the redevelopment. However, it has yet to announce where it planned to record all its studio shows. It is thought that it looked at a host of options, but the most appropriate solution was its rival’s studios.

The BBC sold the site to Stanhope in 2012 for £200million and handed over the site in 2015. The sale included the three studios at Television Centre, which Stanhope has let to BBC Studioworks on a 25-year lease. They will reopen in the summer.

Stanhope’s plan for the site was drawn up by Allford Hall Monaghan Morris and involves turning the circular building, known as the “concrete doughnut”, into flats and a 50-room hotel to be operated by Soho House.

There will also be retail, leisure and entertainment areas, a new HQ for BBC Worldwide, the broadcaster’s commercial division, a “creative hub”, 1,000 homes and a village green.

An ITV spokesman declined to comment specifically, but said: “We will have dedicated studios for our daytime shows in our new headquarters. During the interim period while our new building is being developed, the ITV Studios Daytime programmes, and production teams, will relocate to alternative studios facilities and offices in London, which is likely to happen in the first quarter of 2018. We will be updating staff on this temporary move in the near future.”

Stanhope declined to comment.
So does this mean ITV now have a stranglehold on the Television Centre studios. Studio TC3 at 8,000 Sq Ft is a perfect studio for talk shows, sitcoms, gameshows, it will be surprising to lump a lot of ITV daytime in here.

It would seem best that ITV hire out Studio TC2 for Lorraine and This Morning. It means then Loose Women will use TC3 and Good Morning Britain might come from the newly redeveloped White City building.

This means TC3 will be not be available to shows such as Graham Norton, Have I Got News For You, QI, The Last Leg etc which fit TC3 perfectly. Instead ITV will dump their daytime shows in them.

Well, this has taken me by surprise. ITV at the BBC for all of their main daytime shows from 2018.
Strictly It Takes Two will be fine, as this runs from September until December 2017. It just seems a bit strange to me that Studio TC3 is being used by ITV for their daytime shows. When you look at Good Morning Britain, Lorraine and This Morning, none of these use studio space of more than 3,000 Sq Ft and with no audience. Only Loose Women have an audience of around 120 at most and generally do not need a 8,000 Sq Ft studio space for their lunchtime show.

It seems obvious that Studio 2 is perfect for Loose Women. It is nearly the same size as Studio 3 in the London Studios, slightly bigger. Moving Good Morning Britain, Lorraine and This Morning all into Television Centre seems too much.

I feel Good Morning Britain and Lorraine will be housed in the newly redeveloped White City building, where the One Show used to be broadcast from before their transfer to New Broadcasting House. This Morning and Loose Women could easily be based in Television Centre.

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