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I've seen a copy of an internal email announcing this - but it appears to have made its way onto Twitter too:

No indication that the BBC blocks are to change (that would be madness, surely), but there's a lot of Gill out there - in graphics, on physical signs, engraved into glass, everyone's staff IDs, and in buildings worldwide. We may have a long changeover period ahead!
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If this means it will be necessary to replace the logos on BBC idents, I do hope this will enable Network to seriously consider dropping the hideous teal box and, instead, replacing it with a new design which is not an eyesore, i.e. no box at all and in the centre.
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Knowing how slap dash a lot of BBC pres is these days, I expect a mixture of fonts for many years to come. A slide created by an English region or BBC Sport or the news channel will still use Gill sans.

I'm not sure what the BBC will gain changing their font when we keep being told there isn't any money for new proper presentation on the flagship channels, yet there is now money to change the labels on the interior doors at Broadcasting House.
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Probably long over due really despite how well Gill Sans has served them. Would like to think it's part of a full rebranding across the BBC but sadly that's unlikely to be the case - it'll be a bit of tinkering here and there and end up a bit of a mess.
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